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A Desk-Book of

funny: As a colloquialism signifying "queer" this adjective should be used with care. It is better retained for signification of that which is mirth-provoking or ludicrous. Funny is sometimes used incorrectly to imply silly impropriety, as in the phrase, "Don't get funny". Such usage should be avoided.

further. Compare farther.

future, the: Used sometimes to signify the present; as, "I shall be happy to accept"—this is not what is meant. The meaning is "I am happy to accept, for I shall be happy to come," or "(Because) I shall be happy to (come I am happy to) accept"; and the elliptical result is that there is elision of the words in parentheses. In a recent lawsuit the plaintiff lost $10,000 because a so-called guarantee was given in these terms: "I will guarantee" instead of "I (hereby do) guarantee." The guarantee provided had never been asked for, given, or obtained. The credulous victim had accepted a promise, without condition, for a performance; and he lost. Time has improved his knowledge of the force of the English tongue.


galaxy: Exercise care in the use of this word. It signifies any brilliant circle or group; as, a galaxy of beauties or of gems, and is never correctly used of any person or thing of inferior quality.