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Errors in English

what is sometimes considered a violation of grammatical precision.

grant. Compare accord.

grass, go to: A vulgar imperative meaning "get away" or "clear out!"

grass widow: A common term of disparagement applied to a woman abandoned by or separated from her husband: a term which is not used by persons of refinement and one that, if used at all, should be applied only with great care.

grass widower: A term used to denote a husband who lives apart from his wife or one from whom the wife is temporarily absent.

gratitude, thankfulness: Gratitude, from the Latin gratitudo, from gratus, kind, is a sense of appreciation of favors received, as indicated by actions. It is the actual feeling, of which thankfulness, or the fulness of thanks, is the mere outward expression. It is therefore quite possible, and indeed often the case, for a person who at one time is full of thanks to show subsequently a want of gratitude.

great. Compare big.

groom should not be used for "bridegroom."

grouchy: A slang term for sulky or disgruntled.

grow sometimes used for become is gaining the sanction of usage; as, "to grow smaller." In this sense grow has been used by such masters of English as Steele, Gray, Johnson, and Macaulay.