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Errors in English

intensely comic" or "absurd.'" Compare splendid.

perform does not mean play. One performs music on a piano or plays the piano, but does not perform the piano. To perform on the piano would rather indicate "to strum" upon it or (if you like) play upon or play with it than to play it.

perform. Compare assume.

permit. Compare allow.

perpetually; Distinguish from continually. There is a difference between that which is done unceasingly and that which merely takes place constantly.

person. Compare party.

personalty is sometimes considered to mean articles of personal adornment. It does not. It is a legal term, now in contradistinction to realty, and includes therefore all movables, as money; personal property of any kind whatever, as household goods; chattels real and personal; things movable as distinguished from realty or landed property in any form.

persons. Compare people.

perspicacity, perspicuity : Terms often confused. Perspicacity is "acuteness, clear-sightedness or penetration"; perspicuity is "clearness of expression or style, lucidity"; and is applied to speech and writing.

persuade, convince: That which persuades, leads or attracts (Latin suadeo, advise), that which convinces, binds (Latin vinco, conquer). A person when