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A Desk-Book of

charge of an obligation, though by payment, as this procedure places the parties in the same state as that in which they were before the obligation was incurred.

rendering. Compare rendition.

rendition: Although this word has the meaning of "artistic interpretation or reproduction, as of the spirit of a composer," the word rendering is preferably employed in referring to a delineation or interpretation in art and the drama. Describe an artistic version or a literary translation as a rendering, and an amount rendered or produced, as a yield of cocoons, as a rendition. The former specially signifies the act, the latter the thing produced by the act, though there is of course a blending point of the two which is none other than the whole.

replace: The use of this word with the sense of "succeed" has been subjected to criticism, usage decrees that to replace is to "take or fill the place of; supersede in any manner." To succeed is to "come next in order especially in a manner prescribed by law."

reply. Compare answer.

reputation. Compare character.

requirement, requisite, requisition: Whereas a requisite is that which can not be dispensed with, a requirement is rather that which is insisted on, if desired conditions are to be fulfilled. Fresh air is a requisite of life; the apology you ask is a hard requirement. My requirements are few; my requisites