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A Desk-Book of

settlement. Under ordinary circumstances you pay an undisputed account.

severally. See respectively under respectfully.

sewage, sewerage: These words are often confounded. Sewage is the waste matter which is carried off through drains and sewers; sewerage is the system of piping and draining by means of which the sewage is carried off.

shakes, no great: An undesirable colloquialism for "not much good," "of no great importance."

shall, will: "Often erroneously interchanged. In general simple futurity is expressed by shall in the first person and will in the second and third, while determination is expressed by will in the first and shall in the second and third. In interrogations in the second and third persons the usage is not so simple, the speaker often putting himself in the place of the one spoken to or spoken of, and using shall or will, as if for the first person."—Standard Dictionary.

Sheeny: An offensive appellative for a Jew used only by the illiterate and vulgar.

shire: As this word means county, do not say "county" when speaking of any "shire." "Oxfordshire" and "the county of Oxford," are correct, but not "the county of Oxfordshire."

shoal: In general this word is applied to an assemblage, a multitude or a throng, but, specifically