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Errors in English

though by hands and feet, crawl should be used as a substitute for climb.

coeval, contemporary: Discriminate carefully between these terms. Coeval is said of things existing at the same time; contemporary is applied to persons living in the same period.

coffin. Compare casket.

commence. Compare begin.

commodious. Compare convenient.

common. Compare mutual.

commonly: Do not confound this word with generally, frequently, usually. That is commonly done which is common to all; that is generally done, which is done by the larger number; that is frequently done which is done by a large number or by a single person on many occasions; that is usually done which is customarily done whether by many or one.

community is not a common noun personified, and therefore should always be preceded by the article. Congress and Parliament, State and Church have been personified, and may accordingly be used definitely in the singular number without the article; but to permit such treatment to army, navy, public, or community would be a literary solecism.

compare to or with: We compare one thing with another to note points of agreement or difference. We compare one thing to another which we believe it resembles.