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The fact that this little book has passed through many editions, and now enters on a new one in revised form, is ample answer to its writer's prayer when, with the aid of his Publishers, he launched it on an uncertain voyage over the seas of time—

"Go, little book, God send thee good passage.
And specially let this be thy prayer:
Unto them all that thee will read or hear.
Where thou art wrong, after their help to call,
Thee to correct in any part or all."


It is with sincere gratitude to the Publishers that the author acknowledges the results achieved to have been due wholly to their kindly interest and indefatigable efforts. He ventures to hope that this new edition, and such subsequent editions as time may require, will be found to measure fully up to the expectations of the discriminating Public on which it depends for support.

F. H. V.

New York, January, 1920.