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A Desk-Book of

serve to illustrate the correct use of these words. " Continual interruptions impede continuous work."

continually. Compare constantly.

controller, derived from the French contre rôle, and indicating a person whose office it is to keep a counter roll or check in the accounts of others, should not properly be spelt comptroller, which word originates in a false derivation from compter, to count. Instead of the word being thus derived, the spelling has been accommodated by some to the imagined derivation.

convenient, commodious: These terms are not always interchangeable. A room may be "convenient" in that it is suitable for a required purpose and "commodious" because it affords ample accommodation for the purpose for which it is applied. A book may be convenient in size or arrangement but not commodious.

correspond: When the word means " answer or conform to "it is followed by the preposition to; when it means " hold written communication " the preposition is with.

cotemporary which implies " equally temporary " should not be used for "contemporary" which means existing at the same time.

cough up: Used as an equivalent for "pay up," is vulgar and, therefore, not used in polite society.

council, councilor, counsel, etc. Compare consul.