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case abroad. Good breeding directs following the custom of the country in which one resides. The delightfully talkative letter to one's friend and equal may not be headed at all, but assume the charming tone of a continued conversation, as: I am thinking, dear, how much I want to see you.

Formal AddressA slight acquaintance is addressed as My dear Mr. Willis, and titles should not be abbreviated to Prof. or Dr.; My dear Doctor is the proper form, while Doc. is the height of vulgarity.

Dear Miss, omitting the name, is equally bad form, but Dear Madam may be used in addressing a woman in the most formal terms.

Addressing the PresidentThe President is addressed formally as Sir. The envelope reads:

The President
Executive Mansion
Washington, D. C.

The Vice-President is addressed as Sir, or

Mr. Vice-President,