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My Dear Miss Blank:

Will you give us the pleasure of your company at a small informal dance on May 5th?

Trusting that we may see you,
Most cordially yours,
Mary Hudson Smith

Regrets or acceptance must under no circumstances be written on one's card, but take the form of a short note following the invitation wording.

The etiquette of card invitations is found in a later chapter.

CongratulationsThe congratulatory note should be genuinely joyous, but is more often an obligatory burden.

A birthday letter to an aged friend should have no hint of the advance of years, but rather the "touch of the spirit of youth." Kindly, friendly interest must prompt the letter of congratulation, and its true ring cannot fail to be appreciated.

Heartiest congratulations written on one's card, is sufficient to accompany gifts of flowers for the young mother, or a wedding anniversary