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Still, a note of condolence is most difficult at times to compose, and if one cannot find satisfactory wording, the simple line Sympathy on one's visiting card is sufficient.

The written word should be short, but genuine. I am thinking of you and sending you my heartfelt sympathy has a touch of personal warmth.

The letter or card is sent or left in person, but without the request to see any member of the family.

One should give such sympathetic expressions immediate attention, and not neglect them until the funeral is over.

Notes of condolence are never written on black-bordered paper, unless the person who writes is also in mourning.

An engagement is usually announced by a Engagementstea given by the girl's mother or near relative. Engraved announcement cards are not issued, except by families of Jewish or German extraction.

A luncheon given by a friend of the engaged