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writing, it is often omitted. A few enterprising women, in some of the larger cities, have taken up the work of filling in the wedding cards and attend also to addressing, stamping and mailing at a nominal charge. This is sure to be an appreciated business.

Enclosed CardsThe church and reception cards are enclosed in a heavy matching envelope of white unglazed with the invitation, which is once folded in paper. The envelope is unsealed and bears simply the guest's name without address. A second envelope, addressed, sealed and stamped, carries the card to its destination.

"At Home" cards may be enclosed with the wedding invitation, but are not engraved upon it. The card does not show the name, but merely the new address and hour for receiving, as the bride has not taken her married name at the time the cards are sent.

An "At Home" card may be sent separately after the return of the couple, in which case it bears the name of both bride and bridegroom, thus: