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of a few lines, and neglecting no gift, however small, before she leaves. Should a gift be delayed, however, until the eleventh hour, or arrive after her departure, she may acknowledge it upon her return, and add a word of apology, showing it was impossible to thank the giver at once.

Marking and EngravingWedding silver is marked with the initials of the bride's maiden name, and occasionally, in cases of extreme intimacy, may combine the letters of the last name of bride and bridegroom.

Stationery GiftA charming gift to a bride and one sure to be appreciated, is a full set of monogramed paper, from tiny note to letter size; the die cut with the interlaced letters of her new name, and the engraving shown in her favorite color or simple gold.

The Wedding PlateA second suggestion is the converting of the copper plate from which the invitations are made, into a card tray. This can be arranged through one's stationer after the card order is completed. A narrow copper rim is added to