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The bride's crest at the heading of the invitation is quite correctly used, but must be embossed and show no coloring. It is, however, considered somewhat superfluous in America and should certainly never be used unless the bride's family can claim it directly.

For the silver or golden wedding reception, a card bearing the date of marriage and the present year, with the combined monogram of husband and wife, is charmingly attractive.

The engraving for the silver anniversary may show the entire lettering in silver, including monogram, date and wording.

The names of the couple with the wife's maiden name appear at the heading thus:

John Hudson Brown Mary Stewart Smith

When Sent Wedding invitations should be issued from two to three weeks before the wedding, and include the bridegroom's relatives and friends, equally with those of the bride.

Recalling Cards

If for any serious reason the marriage is postponed, the invitations are immediately