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A woman's house address appears at the lower right corner of her card, her "At Home" day at the left. A receiving day never appears on a man's card.

Should a woman use her visiting card as an invitation, she adds the date and hour in writing at the left corner.

Professors do not use their title on their cards. Titles DoctorA physician's social card reads either: Dr. Henry Stewart Peters or Henry Stewart Peters, M. D. His professional card bears his address, office hours and telephone number in small script.

MinisterA clergyman's card reads: Rev. Thomas D. Loyde.

Card EtiquetteA married woman leaves one of her own and two of her husband's cards when calling on another married woman. A woman never leaves her card for the men of the household. The custom of leaving a large number of cards is quite obsolete. Not more than three is a good rule to follow. One card for the Misses Brown includes the unmarried daughters of the family.