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Kid FinishAnother kind of finish is seen at its best in Crane's Kid Finish, which has all the effect to the touch of a fine kid glove. This is done by pressing the sheet between plates of highly-polished steel. Other finishes are obtained in other ways, and are given appropriate names.

The principle of making writing paper is the same everywhere. Wherein the Crane papers excel is in that every step of the process is taken more carefully and every bit of material used is selected more carefully, and because years of experience have taught better ways of doing these things.

This description has been applied altogether to the making of white papers. Tinted writing papers are made in practically the same way, except that the coloring matter is added to the pulp while it is still wet.

The art of coloring paper is a very delicate one. Rare judgment is required to get a pure and beautiful tint, and again in producing the same color or in matching any particular desired shade.