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The days of mourning (Gen. xxvii. 41) & inversion of state. 3607. Mourning (Rev. xviii. 8) s. internal grief, in consequence of being reduced from a state of opulence to want and misery. A. R. 765. MOURNING and BITTER LAMENTATION. on account of the destruction of truth, and b. I., on account of the des truction of god. A. E. 1129. MouSE. Thc sorlidly avaricious secm as if infested by mice. 938. MOUTH, in a spiritual sense, s. thought, preaching, discourse, doctrine, aud specch; and when pred. of the Lord, s. the Word. A. E. 235. M. (Gcn. xxv. 28) s. natural affection. 3313. To fall into the m. of the cater (Nalhum iii. 12) s. to be received only into the mem- A. E. 403. M. of man s. the infernal false, and sepulchre the (Jer. vi. 26.) M. is pred. A. R. 453, 574. огу. infernal cvil. (Num. xix. 18.) A. E. 659. MovE, to, den. to live. 5605. MOVED. Every thing acted upon or m. seelks to return to an equilib- rium. A. Cr. 45. MOWERS. A class of those who expect heaven as a reward of merit, appcar to cut grass. 1111. MUCH is pred. of truths. 6172. MUCus. Spirits rep. the m. of the nostrils. Des. 4627. MUD, LoOM, or CLAY 8. ultinates in which are truths. A. E. 325. MULE S. rational truth, and a she-m., the affection of rational truth. 2781. Ses Hurse, Ass. MULE? and ASSES den. rational and natural truths. 4505, 6. See Judges. MULTIPLICATION, the, of any number by 100, does not take away its s., but ouly cxalts it. A. R. 654. To multiply seed (Gen. xvi. 10) 6. the fructification of the celestial things of love in the rational prin- ciple, when the rational principle submits itself to interior or divine truth. 1940. MULTITUDE, a, is pred. of truths. 4574. M. is pred. of falses, and a hcap, of cvils. (Nabum ii. .) A. E. 354. MURDERS. Three kinds of m. lie conccaled inwardly with man from his birth. M., in a natural sense, are enmities, hatreds, and revenges of every kind. By m., in a spiritual scnse, are meant all the methods of killing and destroying the souls of men; and by m, in a supreme sense, is meant to hate the Lord. Dec. 67-69. MURDERS, INCANTATIONS, WHOREDOMS, and THEFTS. (Rev. ix. 21.) M. den. the evils which destroy goods; i., the falses thence derived, which destroy truths; w. den. truths falsified; and t den. goods thereby alien- ated. MURMUR den. complaint and pain from the bitterness of temptation. 8351. MURMURING, the, of the CILDREN of ISRAEL against Moses and Aaron s. the profanation of the good of celestial love. Å. E. 324. MUSCLES, composition of. Exp. 9394. MUSES. 5135. See Parnassus.

Musical Instruments. Stringed appertain to truth; wind, to things celestial. A. E. 323.

Music. The sound of musical instruments cor. to affections of spiritual and celestial love. A. R. 792. See Instruments.