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the thoughtful expression of the eye rivets the beholder; the luxuriant silky hair, of which he was proud, is more truthfully rendered than in any of his portraits; and even the small stature is sufficiently indicated. Hofcapellmeister Eckert of Berlin (died Oct. 14, 1879), possessed the original, of which we have here attempted an engraving.

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(9) Lange, Mozart's brother-in-law, drew him sitting at the piano absorbed in improvisation. The picture, complete only to the waist, was pronounced by his son Karl to be very like. It is now in the Mozarteum at Salzburg; and a lithograph from it by Ed. Lehmann was published at Copenhagen. (10) The last of his portraits is a life-size half-length painted at Mayence in 1790 by Tischbein, given in Jahn (ii. 456); there is more intellect and refinement in it than in that by Posch, which, however, is more like.

The Mozart literature is copious; but it has been ably summarised by Jahn in his 'W. A. Mozart' (1st ed. 4 vols, 1856–9; 2nd ed. 2 vols. 1862, Breitkopf & Härtel). In the preface he expressly describes his method of procedure, and the use he has made of all the printed matter in existence, assigning to each work its relative value and importance. Here we find Schlichtegroll, Niemetschek, Rochlitz, Arnold, Schlosser, G. N. von Nissen, Holmes, Oulibicheff, Gottfried Weber, André, Lorenz, Fuchs, Nohl, Marx, and others. Breitkopf & Härtel also published in 1878 a second edition of 'Mozart's Briefe.' Conjointly with Jahn's second edition should be used Dr. von Köchel's 'Chronologisch thematisches Verzeichniss sammtlicher Tonwerke W. A. Mozarts' (Breitkopf & Härtel, 1862). As will be evident to the reader, the present article is founded on the above two excellent works, the substance of which, in a compressed form, is now presented for the first time to the English public.

Comparatively few of Mozart's compositions were published in his lifetime; the greater part being circulated, with or without his acquiescence, in MS. His publishers in Vienna were Artaria, Toricella, and Hoffmeister. Breitkopf & Härtel published the first comprehensive edition in 1800, and the 12 vols. of 'Œuvres complets' were long and widely known. The same enterprising firm issued the first scores of his Symphonies, Requiem, and other works. Steiner of Vienna followed in 1820 with an engraved edition of his collected works in 30 parts. Numerous 'complete' collections of his P.F. works, quartets, quintets, etc., came out afterwards. Breitkopf & Härtel next issued his last great operas in score, revised from the autographs, preparatory as it were to their 'Ersten kritisch durchgesehenen Gesammtausgabe' of his works, begun in 1876 and now considerably advanced [App. p.720 "completed"]. Von Köchel with great liberality provided a special fund to start this work—the finest possible monument to Mozart, and at the same time an honourable memorial of his most worthy admirer.

Classified List of Mozart's works; from the Catalogue of Breitkopf & Härtel's 'Erste kritisch durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe.'


Series 1. 15 Masses.

Series 2. 4 Litanies, 2 Vespers, 1 Dixit and Magnificat.

Series 3. 4 Kyries, 1 Madrigal, 1 Veni Sancte, 1 Miserere, 1 Antiphon, 3 Regina cœli, 1 Te Deum, 2 Tantum ergo, 2 German Kirchenlieder, 9 Offertoires, 1 De profundis, 1 Air for soprano, 1 Motet for ditto, 1 Motet for 4 voices, 1 Graduale, 2 Hymns.

Series 4. 1 Passions-cantate (Grabmusik); 'La Betulia liberata,' oratorio; 'Davidde penitente,' cantata; 'Die Maurerfreude,' short cantata for tenor with final chorus; Eine kleine Freimaurer cantate,' for 2 tenors and bass.

Series 5. 'Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebothes,' sacred Singspiel in 3 parts (1st only by Mozart). 'Apollo et Hyaclnthus,' Latin comedy. 'Bastien et Bastienne,' German operetta, 1 act. 'La finta Semplice,' opera buffa, 3 acts. 'Mitridate, Rè di Ponto,' opera, 3 acts. 'Ascanio in Alba,' theatralische Serenade, 2 acts. 'Il Sogno di Scipione,' dramatische Serenade, 1 act. 'Lucio Silla,' dramma per musica, 3 acts. 'La finta Giardiniera,' opera buffa, 3 acts. 'Il Rè Pastore,' dramatic Cantata, 2 acts. 'Zaïde,' German opera, 2 acts. 'Thamos, König in Aegypten,' heroisches Drama; Choruses and Entr'actes. 'Idomeneo, Re di Creta, ossia. Ilia et Adamante.' opera seria in 3 acts. Ballet-music to 'Idomeneo.' 'Die Entführung aus dem Serail,' komisches Singspiel, 3 acts. Der Schauspieldirector,' comedy with music, 1 act. 'Le Nozze di Figaro.' opera buffa, 4 acts. 'Il Dissolute punito, ossia, Il Don Giovanni,' opera buffa, 2 acts. 'Così fan tutte' ('Weibertreue'), opera buffa, 2 acts. 'La Clemenza di Tito,' opera seria, 2 acts. 'Die Zauberflöte' (Il Flauto magico') German opera, 2 acts.

Series 6. 27 airs, 1 rondo for soprano with orchestra obligato; 1 ditto for alto; 8 ditto for tenor; 5 ditto for bass; 1 ariette for bass; 1 deutsches Kriegslied; 1 duet for 2 soprani; 1 comic duet for soprano and bass; 6 terzettos; 1 quartet.

Series 7. 34 Lieder for single voice with P.F. accompaniment; 1 Lied with chorus and organ; 1 three-part chorus with organ; comic terzetto with P.F.; 20 canons for 2 or more voices.


Orchestral Works.

Series 8. 41 Symphonies.

Series 9. 28 Divertimenti, Serenades, and Cassationen for orchestra (12 Divertimenti for wind instr.); 3 Divertimenti for 2 violins, viola, 2 horns, and bass.

Series 10. 9 Nos. Marches for orchestra; 2 symphonic movements; 'Maurerische Trauermuslk' for orch.; 'Ein musikalischer Spass' for 2 violins, viola, bass, and 2 horns; 1 Sonata for bassoon and cello; short Adagio for 2 corni di bassetto and bassoon; Adagio for 2 clarinets and 3 corni di bassetto; Adagio for harmonica; Adagio and Allegretto for harmonica, flute, oboe, viola, and cello; Adagio and Allegretto for a musical clock; Fantasia for ditto; Andante for a small barrel-organ.

Series 11. 25 Nos. various kinds of dance-music for orchestra.

Series 12. Concertos, and smaller pieces with orch. 6 Concertos for violin; 3 short pieces for ditto; 1 Concertone for 2 solo violins; 1 Symphonie concertante for violin