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No. Year. Place. Conductors. Principal Choral and Orchestral Works.
1 1818 Düsseldorf Burgmüller Haydn's Seasons and Creation.
2 1819 Elberfeld Schornstein Handel's Messiah; and Symphony 2, Beethoven.
3 1820 Düsseldorf Burgmüller Handel's Samson; and Eroica Symphony.
4 1821 Cologne Do. Schneider's Das Weltgericht; C minor Symphony, Beethoven.
5 1822 Düsseldorf Do. Stadler's Das befreite Jerusalem; and Symphony 4, Beethoven.
6 1823 Elberfeld Schornstein Handel's Jephthah, and Symphony 7, Beethoven.
7 1824 Cologne F. Schneider Schneider's Deluge; Symphony 4, Ries.
8 1825 Aix-la-Chapelle F. Ries Handel's Alexander's Feast; Symphony 9, Beethoven.
9 1826 Düsseldorf Ries and Spohr Spohr's Last Judgment; Messiah; Symphony in D, Ries.
10 1827 Elberfeld Schornstein Schneider's Paradise Lost; Symphony 5, Beethoven.
11 1828 Cologne Ries and Klein Klein's Jephta; Symphony 4, Beethoven.
12 1829 Aix Ries Creation; Symphony 4, Ries; and Eroica, Beethoven.
13 1830 Düsseldorf Do. Handel's Judas Maccabaeus; Symphony 5, Beethoven.
14 1832 Cologne Do. Handel's Samson; Symphony 7, Beethoven.
15 1833 Düsseldorf Mendelssohn Handel's Israel in Egypt; Pastoral Symphony, Beethoven.
16 1834 Aix Ries Handel's Deborah; Jupiter Symphony, Mozart; and part of 9, Beethoven.
17 1835 Cologne Mendelssohn Handel's Solomon; Symphony 8, Beethoven.
18 1836 Düsseldorf Do. Mendelssohn's St. Paul; Symphony 9, Beethoven.
19 1837 Aix Ries Handel's Belshazzar; Kings of Israel, Ries.
20 1838 Cologne Mendelssohn Handel's Joshua; Symphony in D, Mozart.
21 1839 Düsseldorf Do. Handel's Messiah; Eroica Symphony, Beethoven.
22 1840 Aix Spohr Handel's Judas; Symphony 7, Beethoven.
23 1841 Cologne Kreutzer Klein's David; Symphony 9, Beethoven.
24 1842 Düsseldorf Mendelssohn Handel's Israel; Lobgesang; Symphony 5, Beethoven.
25 1843 Aix Reissiger Handel's Samson; Symphony G minor, Mozart; Eroica, Beethoven.
26 1844 Cologne Dorn Handel's Jephthah; Missa Solemnis, Beethoven.
27 1845 Düsseldorf Rietz Handel's Joshua; Symphony 9, Beethoven.
28 1846 Aix Mendelssohn Creation; Alexander's Feast; Symphony 5, Beethoven.
29 1847 Cologne Dorn and Spontini Handel's Messiah; Symphony 7, Beethoven.
30 1851 Aix Lindpaintner Handel's Judas; Eroica Symphony, Beethoven.
31 1853 Düsseldorf F. Hiller Handel's Messiah; Symphony 9, Beethoven; and 4, Schumann.
32 1854 Aix Lindpaintner Handel's Israel; Symphony 7, Beethoven.
33 1855 Düsseldorf Hiller Creation; Paradise and Peri, Schumann; Symphony 5, Beethoven.
34 1856 Düsseldorf Rietz Mendelssohn's Elijah; Alexander's Feast; Symphony 9, Beethoven.
35 1857 Aix Liszt Handel's Messiah; Symphony in C, Schubert.
36 1858 Cologne Hiller Hiller's Saul; Walpurgisnacht; Eroica Symphony, Beethoven.
37 1860 Düsseldorf Do. Handel's Samson; Symphony 7, Beethoven; and 1, Schumann.
38 1861 Aix F. Lachner Beethoven's Missa Solennis; Joshua; Eroica Symphony, Beethoven.
39 1862 Cologne Hiller Handel's Solomon; Symphony 9, Beethoven.
40 1863 Düsseldorf Otto Goldschmidt Mendelssohn's Elijah; St. Cecilia's Ode; Symphony 5, Beethoven.
41 1864 Aix Rietz Handel's Belshazzar; Magnificat, Bach; Symphony 9, Beethoven.
42 1865 Cologne Hiller Handel's Israel; Symphony 7, Beethoven.
43 1866 Düsseldorf O. Goldschmidt & Tausch Handel's Messiah; Eroica Symphony, Beethoven.
44 1867 Aix Rietz Handel's Judas; Symphony 5, Beethoven.
45 1868 Cologne Hiller Handel's Messiah, Cantata, Bach; Symphony 9, Beethoven; 3, Schumann.
46 1869 Düsseldorf Rietz Handel's Joshua; Magnificat, Bach; Symphony 7, Beethoven.
47 1870 Aix Lachner Beethoven's Missa Solemnis; Eroica Symphony, Beethoven.
48 1871 Cologne Hiller Handel's Joshua; Symphony 9, Beethoven.
49 1872 Düsseldorf Rubinstein Handel's St. Cecilia's Ode; Tower of Babel, Rubinstein; Symphony 8, Beethoven; 4, Schumann.
50 1873 Aix Rietz Handel's Messiah; Symphony 9, Beethoven.
51 1874 Cologne Hiller Handel's Samson; Pastoral Symphony, Beethoven; and Italian, Mendelssohn.
52 1875 Düsseldorf Joachim Handel's Hercules; Missa Solennis; Symphony 1, Schumann.
53 l876 Aix Breunung Handel's Solomon; Eroica Symphony, Beethoven.
54 1877 Cologne Hiller Haydn's Seasons; Symphony 9, Beethoven; and Hiller in C.
55 1878 Düsseldorf Joachim Schumann's Faust; Orpheus, Gluck; Symphony 2, Brahms.
56 1879 Aix Breunung Beethoven's Missa Solennis; Symphony 2, Schumann; 9, Schubert.
57 1880 Cologne Hiller Handel's Israel; Violin Concerto, Beethoven.
Thus Düsseldorf has held 20, Aiz 17, Cologne 16, and Elberfeld 3 Lower Rhenish Festivals.
App. p.731 "Add the table the following particulars of the festivals since 1880:—"
58 1881 Düsseldorf Gade and Tausch Handel's Samson; Gade's Zion and Symphony in B♭.
59 1882 Aix Wüllner Handel's Joshua; part of Bach's B minor Mass; Symphony, no. 9, Beethoven.
60 1883 Cologne Hiller and Brahms Haydn's Creation; Mendelssohn's Ps. cxiv; Symphonies, Eroica, Beethoven, and Brahms in D.
61 1884 Düsseldorf Brahms and Tausch Handel's Messiah; Bach's Magnificat; Brahms's Symphony in F; Beethoven's PF. Concerto no. 5.
62 1885 Aix Reinecke and Kriese Handel's Judas Maccabeus and Alexander's Feast; Beethoven's C minor Symphony.
63 1886 Cologne Wüllner Handel's Belshazzar; Symphonies, Beethoven no, 9. Mozart in E♭, and Brahms, no. 4.
64 1887 Düsseldorf Richter and Tausch Handel's Joshua; Bach's Ascension Cantata 'Lobet Gott'; Tausch's 'Miriam's Siegesgesang'; Beethoven's PF. Concerto in G; Symphonies, Beethoven's Eroica and Schumann's in B♭.
65 1888 Aix Richter and Schwickerath Messiah; Bach's 'Gottes Zeit'; Mendelssohn's Ps. cxiv; Bruch's 'Schön Ellen'; Finale 'Gotterdämmerung'; Brahms's Double Concerto; Symphony, no. 9, Beethoven.

greater number of the instrumental performers. It is this circumstance which gives to this festival its peculiar excellence and beauty. From all the neighbouring towns and the whole country round the dilettanti were gathering, arriving in steamboats or Eilwagen, not to toil at an irksome ill-paid task, but for a great musical field-day, full of soul and song. All ranks and ages unite for the one harmonious end.… Add to this love of the art, good training, well cultivated taste, and general knowledge of music, and it is explained how such an effect is produced. You felt the life, the pulsation of this music, for their hearts as well as their understandings were in it. It was in this chorus and in this band that public interest was centred; the audience listened and enjoyed, but the amateur performers constituted the festival.'

The importance of these Rhine festivals, from an artistic point of view, was alluded to at the commencement of this record of them. The roll of eminent musicians of European fame who have conducted them alone claims such recognition; while the long catalogue of masterpieces performed, especially those for orchestra, in which English festivals are as a rule sadly deficient, is in itself an extraordinarily interesting and suggestive document. The following list of the number of times of performances of Beethoven's Symphonies at these Rhenish festivals gives a tolerably fair estimate of the proportionate admiration in which those masterpieces are held by the great composer's countrymen:—

No. 2, performed once. No. 5, performed eight times.
" 4, do. twice. " 7, do. do.
" 6, do. do. " 3, do. nine times.
" 8, do. do. " 9, do. twelve times.

App. p.731 "In the small list of symphonies at the end of the article, the right hand column should read as follows:—

No. 5, performed nine times.
No. 7, do. eight times.
No. 3, do. eleven times.
No. 9, do. fourteen times.

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