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Great Organ.
ff Open diapason, metal, in front.
gg Stopt do.
hh Dulciana.
ll Principal.
mm Stopt wood Flute.
nn Clarionet.
oo Flautino.
kk Open diapason, wood.
ii Violin do., metal.
pp Stopt do., metal.
qq Oboe.
rr Spiltz-flöte.
ss Gamba.
vv Piccolo.
y,y Bourdon, wood, stopt.
N.B.—The Swell is shewn
shut; s,s, are the swell
shutter-arms, and v, v,
is the swell rod.

General Section of an Organ with two Manuals, Great and Swell, and Pedals.