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Stabat Mater, 1832-41. 1, 2, 3. ment of the service in the church La Foi, L'Esperance, et la Cha- ,of S. Francesco del Minori con-

��rite\ 1844. 2, 3. Instrumented by Balbi.

Petite Messe Solennelle, 1864. 2,3.

Tantum ergo, for 2 tenors and bass, with orchestra. 1,2,3. Com- posed at Bologna, and performed


Quoniam, bass solo and or- chestra. 1,2,3.

O Salutaris, 4 solo voices. Pub- lished at Paris in 'La Maitrise,' reproduced in facsimile by Azevedo in his ' Rossini.'

��Nov. 28, 1847. for the re-establish-


��Qorgheggi e Solfeggi. A collec- tion of exercises for the voice. II pianto delle Muse, for solo

��Les Soirees mus Scales. 8 ariettas nd 4 duets. Inno populare, on the accession

��and chorus. Composed on the of Pius IX. Chorus.

occasion of Byron's death. Ball' Oriente 1'astro del giorno,

Non posso o Dio, resistere. Can- a 4.

tata. Cara Fatria. Cantata.

Oh quanto son grate. Duettino. Chant des Titans. Chorus.

Irene ed Egle. Cantata for so- Se il vuol la Molinara.-Rosslni's

prano and mezzo soprano. first composition.

Ridiamo, cantiamo, a 4. La Separazioue. Dramatic song.

Alle voci della gloria. Scena ed Aria.

Various other airs and pieces, thirty or forty in number, will be found in the catalogues of Bicordi, Lucca, Brandus (Troupenas), and Escu- dier, which it is hardly necessary to enumerate here. Probably no composer ever wrote so much in albums as did Rossini. The number of these pieces which he threw off while in London alone is prodigious. They are usually composed to some lines of Metastasio's, beginning 'Mi lagnerk tacendo della sorfce amara,' which he is said to have set more than a hundred times.

We have stated that during the latter years of his life Rossini composed a great quantity of music for the PF. solo, both serious and comic. These pieces were sold by his widow en masse to Baron Grant for the sum of 4000. After a time the whole was put up to auction in London and purchased by Ricordi of Milan, M. Paul Dalloz, proprietor of a periodical entitled 'La Musique,' at Paris, and other persons.


��Le rendezvous de chasse. A fan- fare for 4 trumpets, composed at Compiegne in 1828 for M. Schikler, and dedicated to him.

3 Marches for the marriage of H.B.H. the Duke of Orleans. Ar- ranged for FF. a 4 mains.

��March (Pas redouble") composed for H.I.M. the Sultan Abdul Med- jid. Arranged for PF. solo (Bene- dict), and a 4 mains.

5 String Quartets, arranged as Sonatines for thePF. by Mockwitz (Breitkopf 4 Hartel).

��To enumerate and elucidate all the biographical and critical notices of Rossini would require a volume, we shall therefore confine ourselves to mentioning these of importance either from their authority, their ability, or the special nature of their contents ; and for greater convenience of reference we have arranged them according to country and date.

I. Italian.

G. Carpani. Lettera all' anonimo autore delT articolo sul ' Tancredi ' di Kossini. Milan, 1818, 8vo.

G. Carpani. Le Eossiniane, ossia Lettere musico- teatrali. Padua, 1824, 130 pages, 8vo. Portrait.

Nic. Bettoni. Rossini e la sua musica. Milan, 1824, 8vo.

P. Brighenti. Della musica rossiniana e del suo au- tore. Bologna, 1830, 8vo.

Lib. Musumeci. Parallelo tra i maestri Rossini e Bel- lini. Palermo, 1832, 8vo.

Anon. Osseryazioni sul merito musicals dei maestri Bellini e Kossini, in riposta ad un Parallelo tra i mede- simi. Bologna, 1834, Svo. This pamphlet was translated into French by M. de Ferrer, and published as 'Kossini et Bellini.' Paris, 1835. 8vo.


Anon. Kossini e la sua musica ; una Fasseggiata con Kossini. Florence, 1841, 16mo.

Anon. Dello Stabat Mater di Gioachino Kossini, Let- tere Storico-critiche di un Lombardo. Bologna, 1842, 8vo.

Giov. Raffaelli. Kossini, canto. Modena, 1844, Svo.

FT. Kegli. Elogio di Gioacchlno Rossini. We have not been able to discover how far Regli (1804-66) has used this work in his Dizionario biografico ' (1860).

E. Montazio. Gioacchino Rossini. Turin, 1862, 18mo. Portrait.

Giul. Vanzolini. Della vera Patria di G. Rossini Pesaro, 1873, 8vo.

Ferrucci. Giudizio perentorio sulla verita della Patria di G. Rossini impugnata dal Prof. Giul. Vanzolini. Flo- rence, 1874 ; an Svo pamphlet of 20 pages.

Sett. Silvestri. Della vita e delle opere di G. Rossini. Milan, 1874, Svo. ; with portrait and fac-similes.

Ant. Zanolini. Biografia di Gioachino Rossini. Bo- logna, 1875, 8vo'; with portrait and fac-similes.

II. French.

Papillon. Lettre critique BUT Rossini. Paris, 1823, Svo.

Stendhal. Vie de Rossini. Paris, 1823, Svo. Stendhal, whose real name was Henri Beyle, compiled this work from Carpani. In many passages in fact it is nothing but a translation, and Beyle's own anecdotes are not always trustworthy. It was translated into English (London. 12mo, 1826) and German (Leipzig, 1824), in the latter case by Wendt, who has added notes and cor- rections.

Berton. De la musique me"canique et de la musique philosophique. Paris, 1824, Svo ; 24 pages.

Ditto, followed by an Epitre a un celebre compositeur francais (Boieldieu). Paris, 1826, Svo; 48 pages.

Imbert de Laphale'que. De la Musique en France: Rossini, Guillauine Tell. ('Revue de Paris,' 1829.)

J. d'Ortigue. De la guerre des dilettanti, ou de la re- volution operee par M. Rossini dans 1'opera francais. Paris, 1829, Svo.

N. Bettoni. Rossini et sa musique. Paris, Bettoni, 1836, Svo.

Anon. Vie de Rossini, etc. AnverSj 1839, 12mo ; 215 pages. By M. Van Damme, who in his turn has bor- rowed much from Stendhal.

L. de Lornenie. M. Rossini, par on homme de rien. Paris, 1842, Svo.

Aulagnier. Quelques observations sur la publication du ' Stabat mater' de Rossini. Paris, 1842, 4to.

Anon. Observations d'un amateur non dilettante an sujet du ' Stabat' de M. Rossini. Paris, 1842, Svo.

E. Troupenas. Re'sume' des opinions de la Presse sur le ' Stabat' de Rossini. Paris, 1842, Svo; 75 pages.

Escudier freres. Rossini, sa vie et ses ceuvres. Paris, 1854, 12mo ; 338 pages.

Eug. de Mirecourt. Rossini. Paris, 1856, 32mo.

A. Azevedo. G. Rossini, sa vie et ses oauvres. Paris, 1865, large Svo ; 310 pages, with portraits and facsimiles. This is the most complete and eulogistic work on Rossini. It appeared originally in the M^nestrel,' but was discontinued there, the editor not approving of a violent attack on Meyerbeer, which Azevedo (1873 1875) included in it.

Virmattre et Elie Fre"bault. Les maisons comiques de Paris, 1868, 12mo. One chapter is devoted to the house of Rossini.

N. Roqueplan. Rossini. Paris, 1869, 12mo. ; 16 pages.

E. Beule". Eloge de Rossini. Paris, 1869.

A. Pougin. Rossini, Notes, impressions, souvenirs, commentaires. Paris, 1870, Svo ; 91 pages. The detailed and annotated chronological list mentioned on p. 8 has not yet been published.

O. Moutoz. Rossini et son ' Guillaume Tell.' Bourg, 1872, Svo.

Vander Straeten. La melodic populaire dans I'ope'ra Guillaume Tell' de Rossini. Paris, 1879, Svo.

III. German.

Oettinger. Rossini, Komischer Roman. Leipzig, 1847. A satirical work translated into Danish by Marlow (Copenhagen, 1849, 2 vols. Svo) ; into Swedish by Land- berg (Stockholm, 1850, 2 vols. Svo) ; and into French by Royer, 'Kossini, l'homme et Tartiste' (Brussels, 1858, 3 vols. IGmo).

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