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of his unpublished letters and of obtaining much information at first hand from persons who were in intimate relations with him.

Catalogue of Schumann's Published Worlts.




(1) Solos.

Variations on the name'Abegg.' Op. 1.

Papi lions (12 pieces). Op. 2.

Studies after 1'aganlnt's Caprices. Op. S.

Intermezzi, In 2 books. Op. 4.

Impromptus (Variations) on a theme by Clara Wieck. Op. 5.

Davidsbiindlertftnze' (18 charac- teristic pieces). Op. 6.

Toccata. Op. 7.

Allegro. Op. 8.

1 Carnaval ' (21 pieces). Op. 9.

Studies after Paganini's Ca- prices. Op. 10.

Sonata In F # minor. Op. 11.

FantaslestQcke,ln2books. Op.12.

Etudes In the form of variations ( Etudes symphoniques). Op.lS.

Sonata In F minor. Op. 14.

' Klnderscenen' (13 pieces). Op. 15.

' reislerlana (8 pieces). Op. 16.

Fantasia. Op. 17.

' Arabeske.' Op. 18.

Blumenstuck.' Op. 19.

Humoreske.' Op. 20.

' Novelletten,' In 4 books. Op. 21.

Sonata In G minor. Op. 22.

' Nachtstttcke.' Op. 23.

Faschingsschwank aus Wien.' Op. 26.

Prei Romanzen.' Op. 28.

4 PF. pieces (Scherzo, Gigue, Ro- manze, and Fughette). Op. 32.

Album for the young (40 PF. pieces). Op. 68.

4 Fugues. Op. 72.

4 Marches. Op. 76.

Waldscenen' (9 pieces). Op. 82.

4 Bunte Blatter (14 pieces). Op. 99.

8 Fantasiestttcke. Op. 111.

3 PF. Sonatas for the young. Op. 118.

Albumbl.ttter' (20 pieces). Op 124.

7 pieces In fughetta form. Op. 126

Gesfinge der Frtihe' ^Morning Songs. 5 pieces). Op. 133.

Scherzo, originally belonging to the F minor Sonata, Op. 14 ; published as No. 12 of the post- humous works.

Presto passionato. originally the last movement of the G minor Sonata. Op. 22; published as No. 13 of the posthumous works

PF. accompaniment to Bach's Suites and Sonatas for violin alone (Leipzig, Breltkopf A Hfir- tel).

(2) Duets.

Bilder aus Osten ' (6 pieces). Op


M2 vierhandige Clavierstttcke fui klelne und grosse Kinder.' Op. 85.

Ballscenen ' (9 pieces). Op. 109. Kinderball' (6 pieces In dance

form). Op. 130.

(3) Duet for 2 PF.s (4 hands). Andante and variations. Op. 46.

(4) For pedal PF. or Organ. Studies for the pedal PF.' (6

pieces in canon form). Op. 56. Sketches for ihe pedal PF.' (4

pieces). Op. 58. Fugues on the name BACH

Op. 60.


Quintet for PF., 2 Violins, Viola

and Cello. Op. 44. quartet for PF., Violin. Viola, and

Cello. Op. 47.

��Ho for PF., Violin, and Cello (D minor). Op. 63. dagio and Allegro for PF. and Horn (ad lib. Cello or Violin). Op. 70.

antasiestflcke for PF. and Clari- net (ad lib. Violin or Cello), 3 pieces. Op. 73.

'rio for PF., Violin, and Cello (F major). Op. 80. 'hantaslestacke for PF., Violin, and Cello (4 pieces). Op. 88. Romances for PF. and Oboe (ad lib. Violin or Cello). Op. 94. Stucke 1m Volkston for PF. and Cello (ad lib. Violin). Op. 102. onata for PF. and Violin (A minor). Op. 105. rio for PF., Violin, and Cello (G minor). Op. 110. Marchenbtlder' : 4 pieces for PF. and Viola (ad lib. Violin). Op. 113.

onata for PF. and Violin (D minor). Op. 121. M/irchenerzfihlungen'; 4 pieces lor PF., Clarinet (ad lib. Violin), and Viola. Op. 132.

C. FOR STRINGS. Quartets for 2 Violins. Viola, and Cello. Op. 41.


Concerto for PF. and Orchestra (A minor). Op. 54.

Concertstttck for 4 Horns and Or- chestra. Op. 86.

ntroduction and Allegro appas- sionato.

)oncertstfick for PF. and Or- chestra (G major). Op. 92.

Concerto lor Cello and Orchestra. Op. 129.

hantasie for Violin and Orches- tra. Op. 131.

Concert-allegro, with Introduc- tion ; for PF. and Orchestra (D minor). Op. 184.


(1) Symphonies. Symphony in Bb. Op. 38. Overture, Scherzo, and Finale.

Op. 52.

Symphony In C major. Op. 61. Symphony in E \>. Op. 97. Symphony In D minor. Op. 120.

(2) Overtures.

Overture to Schiller's ' Braut von Messina.' Op. 100.

Festival Overture with Chorus on the Bheinwelnlled. Op. 123.

Overture to Shakespeare's ' Julius Caesar.' Op. 128.

Overture to Goethe's 'Hermann nd Dorothea.' Op. 136.

Overtures to the opera 'Geno- veva,' op. 81 ; to Byron's ' Man- fred,' op. 115 ; and to the Scenes from Goethe's ' Faust.'

'. FOR 1 VOICE, WITH PF. AC- COMPANIMENT. Liederkreis, by Heine (9 songs).

Op. 24. 'Myrthen,' In 4 books (20 songs).

Op. 25.

Lleder und Gesange (5). Op. 27. 3 Poems by Geibel. Op. 30. 3 Song-poems by Chamisso. Op. 31. 12 Poems by Justinus Kerner, In 2

books. Op. 35. 6 Poems by Beinlck. Op. 36. 12 Poems from Ruckert's ' Liebes-

fruhling.' Op. 37. (Nos. 2, 4,

��and 11 composed by Clara Schu- mann.)

Liederkreis ; 12 poems by Eichen- dorff. Op. 89.

5 Songs. Op. 40.

' Frauen-Liebe und Leben ' ; cycle

of songs by Chamisso. Op. 42. Romanzen und Balladen (3). Op.


Dichterllebe'; cycle of songs by

Heine, in 2 books (16 songs).

Op. 48. Romanzen und Balladen (3). Op.

53. ' Belsatzar' ; ballad by Heine. Op.

57. Romanzen und Balladen (S). Op.


Lieder und Ges/inge (5). Op. 77. Album of songs lor the young (29).

Op. 79. 3 Songs. Op. 83.

Der Handschuh'j ballad by

Schiller. Op. 87.

6 Songs by Willfried von der Nenn. Op. 89.

8 Poems by Lenau, and 'Re- quiem* (old Catholic poem). Op. 90.

3 Songs from Byron's Hebrew Melodies (with Harp or PF. acct). Op. 95.

Lieder und GesSnge (5). Op. 96.

Lieder und Gesfinge from Goe- the's ' Wilhelm Meister (9). Op. 98 a.

7 Songs by Elisabeth Kulmann. Op. 104.

6 Songs. Op. 107.

4 Husarenlieder by Lenau. Op. 117.

8 Poems from the Wlldlieder'of Pfarrius. Op. 119.

' 5 heitere Gesfinge.' Op. 125. Lieder und Gesange (5). Op. 127. 'Gedichte der KOnigin Maria

Stuart '(5). Op. 135. 4 Songs. Op. 142. 'Der deutsche Rhein'; patriotic

song by N. Becker (with chorus)



8 Poems by Geibel (the 1st for 2 Sopranos, the 2nd for 3 Sopranos, and the 3rd [Zigeunerleben 'Gipsy Life'] for small Choru Triangle, and Tambourines ad lib.). Op. 29.

4 Duets for Soprano and Tenor. Op. 34.

8 two-part Songs. Op. 43.

' Spanisches Liederspiel ' ; a cycle of songs (9, besides one as an ap- pendix) for single and severa voices (S. A. T. B.). Op. 74.

4 Duets for Soprano and Tenor Op. 78.

Minnesplel ' from Bflckert's ' Lie-

besfruhling ' for single and seve- ral voices (8 numbers). Op. 101

Madchenlieder.' by Elisabeth

Kulmann, for 2 Soprano voices.

Op. 103. 3 Songs for 3 female voices. Op,

114. 'SpanlscheLIebeslieder'; a cycle

of 10 songs for single and several

��voices, with 4-hand accompani- ment on the PF. Op. 138.


5 four-part Songs for men's voices. Op. 33.

Songs by Burns for mixed cho- rus. Op. 55.

4 Songs for mixed chorus. Op. 69. Songs for male chorus. Op. 62. Ritornelle,' by Rttckert, In canon form, for men's voices in several parts (7 numbers). Op. 65.

Romanzen und Balladen for cho- rus (5). Op. 67.

Romances for female voices, with PF. acct. ad lib. (6). Op. 69.

[lomanzen und Balladen for cho- rus (5). Op. 75.

Romances for female voices, with PF. acct. ad lib. (6). Op. Ul.

Motet, 'Verzweifle nicht im Schmerzensthal,' by Ruckert. for double male chorus (Organ acct. ad lib.). Op. 93. lunting songs (5), lor male chorus, in several parts (with an ad lib. acct. for 4 Horns). Op. 137.

4 Songs for double chorus. Op. 141.

Romanzen und Balladen for cho- s(5). Op. 145.

[lomanzen und Balladen for cho- rus (5). Op. 146.



Paradise and the Peri. Op. 60. Adventlied, by Ruckert. Op. 71.

A Parting Song' (beginning *E

ist bestimmt in Gottes Rath').

Op. 84.

Requiem for Mignon, from Goe- the's 'Wilhelm Meister.' Op.


Nachtlied, by Hebbel. Op. 108. The Pilgrimage of the Rose. Op.

112. Der KOnigssohn; ballad by Uh-

land. Op. 116. Des Sangers Fluch; ballad after

Uhland. Op. 139. Vom Pagen und der KOnlgstoch-

ter ; 4 ballads by Geibel. Op. 140. Der Gluck von Edenhall ; ballad

by Uhland. Op. 143. New Year's Song, by Ruckert.

Op. 144. Mass. Op. 147. Requiem. Op. 148. Scenes from Goethe's ' Faust*

(without opus number).

K. DRAMATIC WORKS. Genoveva" ; opera in 4 acts. Op. 81.

Music to Byron's ' Manfred.' Op. 115.

L. MELODRAMAS. SchOn Hedwig ; ballad by Hebbel

for declamation with PF. Op.106. Ballade vom Haideknabe, by

Hebbel, for the same. Op. 122,

No. 1. Die Fliichtllnge (The Fugitives) ;

ballad by Shelley, for the same.

Op. 122, No, 2. [P.S.]

��SCHUMANN, CLARA JOSEPHINE, wife of the foregoing, one of the greatest pianoforte players that the world has ever heard, was the daughter of FRIEDRICH WIECK, and was born at Leipzig, Sept. 13, 1819. She began the PF. at a very early age under her father's guidance ; and on Oct. 20, 1828, when she had just completed her ninth year, made her debut in public at a concert of Miss Perthaler's, where she played with Emilie Reinhold in Kalkbrenner's 4-hand variations on the March from Mo'ise. The notices in the Leipzig Tageblatt and A.M.Z. show that

�� �