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��The BlrVs of Invermay.

�Yr Eos-lats. The Nightingale's

�Saraband 1665.


�The Braes of Ballendeu.

�Song (from a MS.).

�Spanish Tune.

�In A, 2-4.

�For Lake of Gold.

�The Departure of the King.

�Spanish Dance.

�Danse Grecque.

�Waking o' the fauld.

�The Note of the Dove.

�Moorish Air.

�Another edition, Romeca.

�There 's Nancy to the Greenwood gane.

�Tw 11 yn el boch. The Dimpled Cheek.

�Hottentot Tune. Hungarian Tune.

�Danse des peuples de L'Archlpel. Turkish March.

�Fy gar.



�Danse Turque.

�Allegro. Allegro. Peggy, now the King's come. The Yellow-haird Laddie. Come hap me.

�The Britons (1696). The Twins (1665). The Beggar Boy (1652). The Garter, or King James's March

�POLISH NATIONAL Music. Cossac. Polacca.-Trlo. Polonolse. Trio.

�Saltaduristico. Air Bedouin (Arabian Tune). Arabian Song. Zoro me na. A Persian Song.

�Polwort on the Green.


�Polonese. Trio.


�I '11 o'er bogle wi* my love. Maggie Lauder.

�Pye Corner (1695). Crosby Square (1708).


�In G, 2-4. In G. 4-4.

�Wae's my heart. Tweed Side. The Bush aboon Traqualr. Lewie Gordon. Here awa, there awa.

�Light o' Love. Hombey House. Charming Maid. The Merry .Milkmaid* The Charmer.

�Slow. Song of Harold the Valiant. Scandinavian Song. Song of Odin. Scandinavian Song.

�Moo-lee-chwa. Song of the Chinese Boatmen. Canon 2 in 1.

�The last timel came o'er the moor. He 's low down, he's in the broom. My Apron Deary.

�Salutation. Paul's Steeple (1665). The Shepherd Daughter.


�EAST INDIAN TUNES. Chel Chel Monianl. In F, 4-4.

�John Hay's bonnie lassie. The Gaberlunzio Man. One day I heard Mary say.

�The Same Tune (edition 1652). Do. ( Do. 1665). Porter's Lamentation (ed. 1665).

�Chanson. Allegro. Moderate.

�Tune of Indostan. Percent. Malay Tune. An dan to.

�She rose, and let me in. Will ye go. Gilderoy.

�Amorisco (1665). The Garland. The Carman's Whistle.

�Allegro. Allegro. Allegro Moderate.

�A Madras Boat Song. Hindostanee Air.

�O Jenny, Jenny.

�An Old Woman clothed in Gray.



�Thomas, I cannot. Gin thou wert mine aln thing.

�Stingo or Oil of Barley. Another edition, called ' Cold and

�Allegro Moderate. Allegro.

�Saki a fasiah. Another edition. Rekhtah.

�Sae merry as we tvva ha been. Earl Douglas.

�Raw. All in a Misty Morning.

�Allegro. Moderate.

�Another edition. Bengal ton*

�Chevy Chase.

�Another edition (The Dancing

�In G minor 2-4.


�CockleShel ls,or the Lass of Living- ston.

�Master 1652). London's Loyalty.

�Duett. Summer Song.

�Ai boot! serray.

�Killerkranky. Johnny and Nelly. Carron Side.

�Cheshire Rounds. King's Maggot, or New York. Cobler's Hornpipe.

�Winter Song. Allegro Molto. In D minor, 6-8.

�Chura Wallen. Mare Fie. Yareg be wo fa.

�If e'er I do well it 's a wonder. Cheerily and Merrilly. Johnny Faa.

�Orange Nan. Sir Roger de Coverley. The Dusty Miller.

�Allegro. Allegretto. Runa of the Finlanders.

�The Snake Song. Rekhtah (another edition).

�Gill Morrice. Barbara Allen. Hero and Leander.

�Saturday Night and Sunday Morn- Ing (1652). Alamode de France.

�DANISH NATIONAL Music. In A minor, time.

�Marsea, an Elegy. Dandee Song (Boatmen's). Presto.

�Flowers of the Forest.

�Another edition.calledNone Such.


�Hindoo Hymn.

�Johnny Armstrong.


� �Bombay Air.


�FRENCH NATIONAL Music. In F, 3-4.

�Allegro. Allegretto.


�Alei Y ar Bigia. Dance.


�In F, 3-4.

� �Tuppah.

�Cainge Dafydd Brophwyd (from a MS. of the llth century). Sweet Richard.

�Prence D'Angleterre. Aimable Vainqueur. a Dance called Louvre.

�Allegretto. Presto. Andante.

�Tuppah, ' Dende kala.' Terana. ' Dandora vakee.' Teiana, 'La Yawm la Yawm.'

�Another older edition. Another edition (from an old MS.) Whitelock's Coranto.

�Pas Pied. In 0, 2-4.

orrant le Vlnnone.

�Adagio. Allegretto. Allegro.

�Music OF NORTH AMERICA. Canadian Tune. Allegro.

�Cudyn Gwyn (another edition of

�Corrant le Mouuster. liigadoon (1695).

�Allegro. Slow.

�Do. Slow. Do. Slow.

�Another edition.

�Masquerade Royal.

�Air de Danse Russe (Pas Husse).

�Do. D minor, 3-4.

�Merch Megan. Another edition. Griffith ap Cunan.

�Provencal Song on the Death of Richard I. (by Gaucelm or Anselm Faidit).

�In D major, 2-4. Andante. Sclavonlan Tune.

�Do. Allegro, Song sung by the Indians of Nor- folk Sound. AllaCoosh.

�Y Fedle Fawr.

�Roman d'Alezandre (1140).

� �Allegro Moderate. The March of the Men of Harlech.

�tong of Thibaut King of Navarre. Jong of Thibaut.


�The Courtesy of Merioneth.

�Le Printems rappelle auz armes.


�Movement from Amante che dite.

�The Minstrelsy of Chirk Castle.

�A lovely Lass.

�Ambrosian Chant, A.D. 384.



�Kill ev'ry Glass.

�Plain Chant. Guido (1022).

�Hodie Simon Petrus. Do.

�The Ebb of the Tide. The Delight of the Men of Doney. The Mock Nightingale.

�Bourie d'Auvergne. Danse des Auvergnats. Perigourdine.

�Other Harmonies. Do. Harmony. Franco. Chant. Josquln de Pres.

�Et ululantes Jephtha. Do. Abiit ergo In monies. Do.

Plorate liliae Israel. Do.



�1st Psalm O. V. Martin Luther.

�Deum de Deo. Do.

�The Rising Sun. Awake harmonious Strings.

�Partheuia (1665).

�38th Psalm O. V. 81st Psalm O. V.

�Part of a Cantata, Fortunati miel

mart ire. A. Scarlatti.

�Rhyban Morfydd. Morfydd's Rib-

�Swiss NATIONAL Music.

�lllth Psalm O.V. French Tune.

�Aria, Ferche geme O tortorella.

�bon. Ffarwell Ned Fuw. Parry's edition of same tune.

�Rans de Vache. Another edition.

�I will exalt Thee. Tye. Lord, for Thy tender mercies sake. Farrant.

�Do. Do.. Vogllo amar. Do. Do., Non da piu peni O cara. Do.

�Glan meddwdod mwyn. Good


�Gloria Fatri. Do.

�Do., Che piu braml. Do.

�humour'd and fairly tipsy. Ar hyd y nsM. The livelong night. Flarwel Ednyfed Fychan, or Towyn Castle.

�Tune of the Bohemian Miners. Allegro. Allegro Moderate.

�Deposuit Fotentes. Palestrina. We have heard with our ears. Do. Gloria Patrl. Tallis.

�Do., 11 seno de mia vita. Do. Cantata, ' Son ferito.' Do. Aria. Strada penare. Do. Do., 11 destin. Do.

�Dafyddy Garregwen. Cil y Fwyalch. The Blackbird's Retreat (from a MS.) Codiad yr Hedydd. The Rising of the Lark.

�Allegro. Allegro Moderate. An Old German Tuna. Valtzer or Waltz. Allegro.

�Dissi a 1'amata mia.' Marenrio. Bow thine ear. William Bird. Non nobis Domino. Do. Double Chant. Morley. Symphony, 3 flutes. Perl.

�Do., ' Illustre 11 sangue mio.' Do. Do., Con 1'arte del mio cor. Do. Do., Miei fldi a vendetta. Do. Do., L'Innocente diffendete. Do. Duet, Non son piu. Do.

�The Red Piper's Melody.


�Fate Festa al Signore. E. dal

�Aria, Due bellissime pupille. Do.

�Magena Gollod ei gardas. The March of the Men of Gla-

�A Fandango (Corelll's Foil la). Do.

�Cavaliero. Hosanna. O. Gibbons.

�Do., 11 mio flglio. Do. Part of Cantata. ' Che mesta hortl



�Almighty and everlasting. Do.

�sospiro. Do.

�The Monks' March.


�God is gone up. Do.

�Motet. Domine qulnque talenta.

�The Dawning of the day.

�A Boleras.

�Gloria Patrl. Do.

�L. Rossi.

�The Camp ot the Palace. (Of noble


�The Silver Swan. Do.

�Anthem. Teach me, O Lord.

�race was Shenkin.)


�Awake, Sweet Love. Dowland.


�Uilyn Serch. The Pursuit of Love.


�8' in ch' havro Splrto. Carissimi.

�Single Chant. T. Purcell.

�� �� �