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Anthem (do.) O God the King. Bryan. Morning Service.

a 4. iFerabosco. Evening Service.

Do. (do.) Hold not Thy tongue. Jackson, Anthem, The Lord said.

a4. I al.

Do. (do.) Give ear OLord. a 4. Blow. Ev. Serv., in E. Verse. Do. (do.) Behold now praise, j Anthem, O Lord I have sinned.



��a 5.

Do. (do.) Hide not Thou, a 5. Do. (do.) I looked for the Lord.

a 5. Do. (do.) O Lord rebuke me

not. a 5. (?M. White.) Do. (do.) O how amiable, a 2. Do. (do.) Haste Thee Lord.

a 2. Do. (do.) For Sion's sake, a 2

and 3.

��a 4. Do. I said In the cutting off.

a 3. (Orch.) Do. The Lord Is my Shepherd.

a 4: Orch. Purcell. Anthem, My beloved

spake, a 4. Orch. Do. They that go down, a 2.

Orch. Do. My song shall be alway.

L 1. Orch.

��Do. (do.) pray for the peace. 'Tudway. Anthem, The Lord hear Do. (do.) I am well pleased. thee. Orch.

Bryan. Whole Service, in G. a 4. Do. Quare fremuerunt. Orch.

��Henry VHI.i Anthem, Lord the Wise. Evening Service in E b.

��Maker. Bevin. Whole Service, D minor

with Eft Tomkins. Anthem, praise the

Lord, a 12.

Do. Glory be to God. a 10. D. O God the proud, a 8. Do. Turn Thou us. a 8.

��Anthem, How are the mighty. Do. I will sing a new song, a 4. Do. O praise God. a 3. Do. Behold how good, a 3. Turner. Whole Service, in A. Anthem, O praise the Lord.

Do. The King shall rejoice. O. Gibbons. Do. Hosanna. a 6.

��Matth. White. Aiithem, praise Aldrich. Do. O Lord grant the

��God. a 8. Do. The Lord bless us. a 5.

��king, a 6. Loosemore. Do. Glory be to God.

a 4. Holden. Do. praise our God.

a 4.

Lowe. Do. give thanks, a 4. Tucker. Do. O give thanks, a 4.

Do. I will magnify, a 4. Jewett. Do. 1 heard a voice, a 4.


Creyghton. Whole Service in Et>. Anthem. Praise the Lord, a 3. Aldrich. Whole Service in G. Anthem, Out of the deep. Do. praise the Lord. & 4. Do. Sing unto the Lord, a 4.

��King, a 5. Giles. Do. I will magnify, a 5.

��Parsons. Anth., Deliver me. a 6. Lugg. Do. Behold how good, a 5. Weelkes. Do. O Lord grant the Blow. Whole Service, in G. Anthem, Save me, O God.

Do. O Lord God. a 8.

Do. O God, my heart, a 4.

Do. And I heard a great voice.

��a 4.

Do. The kings of Tharsis. a 4.

Do. Praise the Lord, a 5. Aldrich. Ev. Serv., in F. Verse. Purcell. Whole Service, in Bb.

Do. Rejoice in the Lord.

Do. Praise the Lord, a 2,

Do. I was glad,

Do. O God Thou art.

Do. Lord, how long, a 5.

Do. O God, Thou hast cast. a 6.

Do. Save me, O God. a 5.

��Amner. Whole Service in G Humphrey, Blow, Turner. Anth. CCwsar 1 ). a 5. i I will alway give thanks.

VOL. IV. Amner. Whole Service, in D min. Mudd. Do. God that hast pre-

(' Caesar's')- \ pared, a 4.

Anthem, O sing unto the Lord. ; Wilkinson. Do. Lord God. a 4. Do. Lord I am not. Lugg. Whole Service, in D.

Do. Remember not. Hooper. Anthem, Almighty God.

Tye. Do. O God be merciful. a 5.

Barcroft. Anthem, O Almighty Tye. Do. O Lord deliver me. a 5.

God. j Amner. Do. Sing, O heavens, a 7.

O. Gibbons. Do. Lift up your Hutchinson. Do. Behold how

heads, a 6. good, a 4.

Farrant. Do, O Lord God Al- Ramsey. Whole Service, in F.

��mighty, a 4.

Wilkinson. Do. I am the resur- rection, a 6.

Laud. Do. Praise the Lord.

Shepherd. Do. Haste Thee, God. a 4.

Fox. Do. Teach me Thy way. a 4.

Gibbs. Do. Have mercy upon me. a 4.

Hilton. Do. Lord for Thy tender. I a 4.

��Locke. Anthem, When the Son

of man.

Do. Sing unto the Lord. Chr. Gibbons. Anthem, How long

wilt thou ?

Blow. Whole Service, in A. Anthem, I beheld and lo a


Do. O sing unto God. Do. Why do the heathen ? Do. We will rejoice.

��i This Anthem, after having been often attributed to William Mundy, seems now. from evidence discovered at Durham Cathedral by Dr. Philip Armes, the Organist there, to be by John Shepherd.

��Anthem, Lord Thou hast E. Gibbons. Anthem, How hath


�the city sat desolate.

�Do. Thy righteousness, O

�Hall. Whole Service, in E b.


�Anthem, Let God arise, a 2.

�Do. God is our hope, a 8.

�Do. O clap your hands, a 3.

�Do. O God wherefore, a 5.

�Do. By the waters, a 3.

�Purcell. Whole Service, in B b.

�Norris. Morn. Service, in G min.

�Anthem, O give thanks.

�Anthem, Blessed are those.

�Do. Behold I bring you. Do. Be merciful.

�Do. I will give thanks. Wildbore. Anthem, Almighty and

�Aldrich. Whole Service, In A.


�Anthem, I will love Thee.

�Clark. Anthem, The earth is the

�Do. The Lord is King.

�Lords, a 4.

�Do. Give the king thy judg-

�Do. I will love Thee.


�Do. Praise the Lord. Full.

�Do. If the Lord Himself.

�Do. Bow down Thine ear. a 8.

�Do. O Lord I have heard.

�Tudway. Anthem. The Lord hath

�Locke. Anthem, Lord let me


�know mine end.

�Purcell. Do. Blessed is the man.

�Do. Not unto us.

�Do. Thou knowest, Lord.

�VOL. V.

�Purcell. Te Deum, In D.

�Wilson. Evening Service, in G.

�Jubilate, in D.

�Hart. Anthem, I will give thanks.

�Tudway. Anthem, Is it true?

�Do. Praise the Lord.

�Do. Sing we merrily.

�Lamb. Even. Service, in E min.

�Do. My God, my God.

�Anthem, Unto Thee have I cried,

�Do. Man that is born.

�Do. worship the Lord.

�Do. I am the resurrection.

�Goldwin. Whole Service in F.

�Do. I heard a voice.

�Anthem, O Lord God of hosts.

�Do. I will lift up.

�Do. Hear me, O God.

�Do. I cry O heavens.

�Croft. Anthem, We will rejoice.

�Do. I will sing (Blenheim).

�Do. I will sing.

�Do. Thou O God.

�King. Whole Service, in F.

�Evening Service, in Bb.

�Anthem, Hear, Lord.

�Turner. Whole Service, in E.

�Do . Hear my crying.

�Anthem, The Queen shall re-

�Do. Sing unto God.


�Holmes. Anthem, I will love Thee,

�Do. Behold now, praise.


�Do. Lord, Thou hast been.

�Williams. Even. Serv., in A min.

�Do. The Lord is righteous.

�Woolcot. Morning Service in G.

�Hawkins. Whole Service, in A.

�Anthem, O Lord Thou hast cast.

�Anthem, O Lord grant the

�Bowman. Anthem, Shew your-


�selves joyful.

�Do. My God, my God.

�Croft. Anthem, Praise the Lord,

�Do. Lord, Thou art become.

�my soul.

�Do. Lord who shall dwell.

�Do. I will always give thanks.

�Do. Bow down Thine ear.

�Church. Whole Service, in F.

�Holmes. Anthem, Arise, shine !

�Anthem, Lord grant the

�Cooper. Do. I waited patiently.


�Wanless. Do. Awake up my glory.

�Do. Righteous art Thou.

�Richardson. Do. O Lord God of

�Do. Praise the Lord.

�my salvation.

�Do. Lord Thou art become.

�Bishop. Morning Service, in D.

�Weldon. Do. Hear my crying.

�Authem, Lord our Governor.

� �VOL. VI.

�Croft. Morn. Serv., In D. Orch. Richardson. Even. Service, in C.

�Tudway. Anthem. My heart re- joiceth. Orch.

�1713. Goldnin. Anthem, O praise God.

�Do. Behold how good.

�a 2.

�Do. praise the Lord. Do. Arise shine.

�Do. I will sing, a 4. Do. be joyful.

�Do. Plead Thou.

�Broderip. Whole Service, in D.

�Do. Give the Lord the honour. Roseingrave. Anthem, Arise,

�Anthem, God is our hope. Jones. Evening Service, in F.

�shine. Orch.

�Greene. Anthem, O sing unto the

�Nalson. Morning Service, in G. Lamb. Authem, If the Lord Him-

�Lord. as. Do. Bow down Thine ear. a *;.


�C.King. Evening Service, in Bf.

�Do. I will give thanks, a 3.

�Greene. Anthem, O God, Thou

�Goldwin. Anthem, Ascribe unto

�art my God. Solo.

�the Lord.

�Do. give thanks.

�Do. Thy way, God.

�Walkly. Morning Service, in E b.

�Hall. Do. Comfort ye my people. Do. The souls of the righteous.

�Church. Whole Serv., in E min. Anthem, Turn Thy face from

�Finch. Te Deum in G minor.

�my sins.

�Anthem, Grant we beseech Thee.

�Do. Blessed are those.

�Hawkins. Whole Service, in G.

�Hawkins. Anthem, Merciful Lord.

�Anthem, Blessed be Thou.

�Croft. Anthem, Offer the sacritUx-.

�Do. O Lord my God. Do. Blessed is he.

�a 4. Do. I cried unto the Lord.

�Hawkins, jun. Anthem, praise the Lord.

�Hendale (Handel). Te Deum and Jubilate, in D. (Orch.) 1713.

�� �