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The following represents bar 16 from Chopin's Nocturne in Eb, Op. 9, No. a (ia-8 time). In this example the paper has been set to run Blower, and so the bars occupy a larger space.


���In 1886 Mr. H. H. Muir took out a patent for recording music, the principle of which was practically the same as that of Herr Fohr. [T.L.S,]

REDEMPTION, THE. A Sacred Trilogy, written and composed by Charles Gounod. First performed at the Birmingham Festival, Aug. 30, 1882, under the composer's direction. [M.]

BEDHEAD, RICHARD, born March i, 1820, at Harrow, was a chorister at Magdalen College, Oxford, 1829-36, having received his musical education there from Walter Vicary, the organist. He was organist at Old Margaret Chapel (now All Saints' Church), Margaret Street, in 1 839-64, since which he has been, and still is, organist at St. Mary Magdalene, Paddington. His works are almost exclusively written or compiled for use in the Church of England service, viz.

  • Laudes Diurnae, the Psalter and Canticles in the

Morning and Evening Service/ 1843, Music for the Office of the Holy Communion/ 1853 ; * my people/ anthem for Good Friday ; * Church Melodies, a collection of short pieces and Six Sacred Songs/ 1858; 'The Celebrant's Office Book/ 1863; 'Ancient Hymn Melodies, Book of Common Prayer with Ritual music, Canticles at Matins and Evensong, pointed as they are to be sung in churches and adapted to the Ancient Psalm Chants, and Parish Tune Book and Ap- pendix/ 1865 ; 'The Universal Organist, a Col- lection of Short Classical and Modern Pieces/ 1866-81; 'Litany with latter part of Com- mination Service, Music to the Divine Liturgy during the Gradual, Offertorium and Communion, arranged for use throughout the year/ 1874; Festival Hymns for All Saints and St. Mary Magdalene Days, Hymns for Holy Seasons, Anthems, etc. [A.C.]

REED, THOMAS GERMAN. Add date of death, March 21, 1888. P. gia, add to list of pieces produced at St. George's Hall, under the management of Mr. Corney Grain and Mr. Alfred Reed:

��No. 204.' F. 0. Burnand and German Reed.

Once in a century/ G.A'Beckett and Vivian Bligh.

Our new Dolls' House.' W. Tardley and Cotsford Dick.

Answer Paid.' F. 0. Burnand and W. Austin.

Doubleday's Will/ Burnand and King Hall.

Artful Automaton/ Arthur Law and King Hall.

A Tremendous Mystery/ F. C. Burnand and King Hall.

Enchantment.' A. Law and German Reed.

' Grimstone Grange.' G. A'Beck- ett and King Hall.

'1001. Reward/ A. Law and Corney Grain.

Back from India,' Pottinger Stevens and Cotsford Dick.

The Pirates' Home/ G. A'Beck- ett and Vivian Bligh

A Christmas Stocking/ G. A'Beckett and King Hall.

Castle Botherem/ A. Law and Hamilton Clarke.

The Three Hat*/ A. A'Beckett and Edouard Marlols.

A Flying Visit.' A. Law and Corney Grain.

The Turquoise Ring/ G. W Godfrey and Lionel Benson.

A Merry Christmas/ A. Law and King Hall

Sandford and Morton/ Bur- nand and A. S. Gatty,

All at Sea. Grain.

Many Happy Returns/ G, A'Beckett and Lionel Benson.

A Bright Idea/ A. Law and Arthur Cecil.

Cherry Tree Farm.' A. Law and Hamilton Clarke.

��A. Law and Corney and Ki


��A. Law

��The Head of the Poll/ and Eaton Faning.

Nobody's Fault/ A. Law and

imilton Clarke.

A Strange Host/ A. Law and King Hall.

That Dreadful Boy/ G.A'Beck- ett and Corney Grain.

A Mountain Heiress/ O. A'Beckett and Lionel Benson.

Treasure Trove/ A. Law and A. J. Caldlcott.

A Water Cure.' A. Law, Arnold ?elix, and George Gear.

'A Moss Rose Rent/ A. Law and A. J. Caldicott.

A Double Event/ A. Law. Alfred Reed, and Corney Grain. Fairly Puzzled.' Oliver Brand id Hamilton Clarke. A Terrible Fright/ A. Law and Corney Grain.

Old Knockles/ A. Law and A. J. Caldicott.

A Peculiar Case/ A, Law and G. Grossmith.

Hobbies.' Stephens, Yardley. and G. Gear.

A Pretty Bequest/ M. Wat- son and Hamilton Clarke.

A Night in Wales/ H. Gardner and Corney Grain.

' In Cupid's Court/ M. Watson and A. J. Caldicott.

A United Pair.' Comyns Carr and A. J. Caldicott.

The Friar/ Do.

The Naturalist/ Comyns Carr ng Hall.

Tally-Ho!' M. Watson and A. J. Caldicott.

Wanted an Heir.' Do.

The Bo'sun's Mate.' W. Browne and A. J. Caldicott.

Brittany Folk.' Walter Frith and A. J. Caldicott.

��For some years the ' Musical Sketches ' of Mr, Corney Grain have been the principal attractions of the entertainment. Upwards of 50 of these have been given, the oth coinciding with Her Majesty's Jubilee, and treating of topics con- nected with that event. [M.]'

REFORMATION SYMPHONY. It should be added that one of the most prominent themes of the work is the beautiful ascending phrase known, as the 'Dresden Amen/ which has been used with marvellous effect in Wagner's ' Parsifal.'

REFRAIN. P. 93 fc, add See Schubert's- ' Vier Refrainlieder,' op. 95.

REGAL. This name describes a variety of organ (not differentiated by size alone, as is- implied in vol. iii. p. 93), which is especially interesting as being in some ways the prototype of the modern harmonium. It consists of a single row of beating ' reeds, the pipes of which are in some instances so small as hardly to cover the reeds. A fine specimen is in the possession of the Brussels Conservatoire, and was lent to the Inventions Exhibition in 1885. The name ' bible regal ' is not a synonym, but the title of another variety, the peculiarity of which consists in its being arranged to fold in two, on a similar principle to that on which leather backgammon boards are made. The bellows are covered with leather, so that when the instrument is folded, it presents the appearance of a large book. Line II of article, for Roll read Voll. For further particulars the reader is referred to Mr. A. J. Hipkins's ' Musical Instruments ' (A. and C, Black, 1887), where both instruments are figured.

�� �