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4. 'Banchetto Musicale,' a collection of Pa- vanes, Gaillardes, etc., in 5 parts. 1617.

5. 'Opella Nova,' ist part, containing 'Geist- liche Concerte auf jetzo gebrauchliche Italien- ische invention componirt' (Sacred Concertos written in the new Italian style). 1618.

6. 'Musica boscareccia, Waldliederlein auf Italian - Villanellische Invention fingirt und componirt ' (Hunting or Forest Songs, com- posed in the style of Italian villanellas).

7. ' Fontana d'Israel,' ' Israelis Briinnlein aus- erlesener Kraftspriichlin altes und neuen Tes- taments, etc., auf ein sonderbare anmuthige Italian-Madrigalische Manier, etc., mit Fleiss componirt ' (Israel's fountain of select passages of the Old and New Testament, carefully com- posed in the specially graceful style of the Ita- lian Madrigal). 1623. In this work Schein gives up the basso continue, and goes back to the more purely vocal style of the old madrigal, permitting himself however the bolder harmonic license of the new style of Monteverde and other Italians. Wherever the words seem to justify his doing so, the composer delights in using un- prepared discords, and discords without resolu- tion, with perhaps too much straining after passionate expression.

8. ' Opella Nova,' 2nd part, 1626, contents similar to the ist part, both parts having basso continue and instrumental accompaniment.

Over 30 numbers from Schein's 'Cantional' may be found in Schoeberlein's 'Schatz des Liturgischen und Chor-gesangs/ Gb'ttingen, 1867-72. [J.R.M.]

SCHICHT, J. G. Last line but one, add probably before the words not by John Sebastian ; and refer to BACH in Appendix.

SCHILLING, DR. G. Add date of death, 1 880. SCHIMON, ADOLF. Add date of death, June

21, 1887.

SCHINDLER, ANTON. Line 2 of article,/or 1 769 read 1 796. Line 3, for Modi read Medl.

SCHIRA, FRANCESCO. Add date of death, Oct. 1 6, 1883.

SCHLESINGER. P. 254 a, 1. 4, for in read Dec. 14.


SCHMITT. P. 254*, 1. 7 from bottom, for 1803 read 1796.

SCHNEIDER, F. J. C. A fuller list of his oratorios will be found in vol. ii. p. 555 a.

SCHNETZLER. See SNETZLER, and vol. ii. P- 597-

SCHOELCHER, VICTOR. P. 25 7 b, 1. 1 3 from bottom, the sentence beginning ' Up to 1850 ' re- quires correction, as in 1827 'The Messiah' (with Latin words), the ' Ode on St. Cecilia's Day,' and ' Alexander's Feast,' had been given in Paris. P. 358 a, 1. 4 from end of article, read the highly elaborated narrative.

SCHONE MINKA. The name by which a certain very popular Ruthenian or Little Rus-



��sian song is generally known. (The music and original words are given by Pratsch, ' Sobranie russkikh narodnuikh pyesen,' end of vol. i., and the literal German version in Fink, 'Musikal- ischer Hausschatz,' No. 157.)

��Ye-khav Ko - zak za Du - na

��Ska - zal dlr - chi

��Ein Ko - sak ritt la den Erie?, Sagt dem M/id-chen na pro - shchai ; Vut ko - ni - kl vo - ro - nen - kl

��Le - be - wohlj Nun, ihr mel-ne lie - ben Kap-pen,

���Lau - fet was Ihr kOnnt. Wart doch, wart doch,

ko - za - che, Tvo - ya div - chi - na pla - che,

��Yak tui me - ne po - kl - da-esh, Til -ko po - du mai.

���Wenn du mich nun auch ver-lass-est, Den-ke doch an mich.

��It is marked by perfect regularity of rhythm and absence of certain eccentricities noted in the article SONG, vol. iii. pp. 612, 613, as com- mon in the Cossack and Little

��and the words are a dialogue in rhymed verse. It is an interesting instance of a Volkslied of one country becoming domesticated in the same ca- pacity in another, and also of the extraordinary transformation which the song may undergo in the process. A very loose imitation of the words of this song, beginning * Schone Minka ich muss scheiden,' was published by the German poet Ch. A. Tiedge in 1808, and this, with the melody much altered, is now to be found in most collec- tions of German Volkslieder without notice of the Slavonic source. J. N. Hummel has made this air (rather in its original than in the German form) the subject of 'Adagio, Variazionen und Rondo fiber ein russisches Thema' for PF., violin, and violoncello, op. 78, and Weber wrote a set of brilliant variations for pianoforte on the same theme. [R.M.]

SCHOOLS OF COMPOSITION. P. 280 a, 1. 12 from bottoni,/or 1612-1618 read 1615-18. ,P. 285 I, as to the date of Pnrcell's ' Dido and ^Eneas,' see PURCELL in Appendix. P. 287 a, L 7,/or 1694 read? 1695.

SCHOTT (B. SCHOTT'S SOHNE). P. 315 a f 1. 15 of article, after ADAM add (living after- wards as bandmaster in Canada and India, where he died). At end of first paragraph add Schott's sons have been music publishers to the Court since 1824. After Rink's organ-music add ' der Choralfreund,' in 9 volumes ; 'Ecole pratique de la modulation,' op. 99 ; ' Gesangstudien ' (vocalises, me'thode de chant, etc.) by Bordese, Bordogni, Concone, Fe'tis, Gavaudd, Garcia, Lablache, Abbe" Mainzer, Rossini, Rubini, Vaccai, etc.

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