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��known to the writer. Line II, Miss Marie Decca owns a Rosso spinet dated 1550, and there is another by the same maker (signed Annibalis Mediolanesis) dated 1569, recently in the possession of Heir H. Kohl, Hamburg, who obtained it from the palace of the San Severino family, at Crema, in Lombardy. These spinets are usually made entirely of one wood, the sound- board as well as the case. The wood appears to be a, kind of cedar, from its odour when planed or cut, at least in some instances that have come under the writer's notice. P. 6540, 1. 7, The

spinet by Antonio of Padua of 1550 has D0 dis- tinctly written on the lowest E key, the next being F, etc., but although the writing is very old, it does not follow that it was written when the instrument was made. P. 6546, 1. 13, Han- del's clavichord from Maidstone, with cut sharps, showed by the tuning when examined in 1885, that the first diagram is to be accepted as right, namely, that the nearer divisions of the cut keys are the dominants, and the back divisions, the chromatics. L. 24 from bottom of text, for Mr. Amps read Dr. A. H. Mann. P. 6546 footnote : 1630, on Mr. W. Dale's spinet, is not a date ; it is the maker's number. P. 655 b 1- 5> for dated read numbered. The Haward spinet belonging to the Rev. L. K. Hilton, of Semley, Shaftesbury, is nearly like a Hitchcock, which proves that Howard did not remain with the model figured 65 5 A. Mr. Kendrick Pyne acquired a Haward spinet (now in Mr. Boddington's collection) dated or numbered 1687, that has sharps like the Hitchcocks, with a strip of the colour of the naturals let in, in this instance black. [A.J.H.]

SPITTA, J. A. P. P. 656 b, note i, add that the translation of his 'J. S. Bach,' by Clara Bell and J. A. Fuller Maitland, was pub- lished in three volumes, by Novello & Co. in 1884-5. Add that the new edition of Schiitz's works, published by Breitkopf & Hiirtel, is edited by Dr. Spitta. (Died Apr. 13, 1894.)

SPOFFORTH, REGINALD. Line 2, for 1768 read I77- Line 4 from bottom, for Kensing- ton read Brompton.

SPOHR, Louis. Line 2, for April 25 read April 5. P. 66ia, 1. 28 from bottom, for Oct. 1 6 read Oct. 22. P. 664 a, in the second column of the list of works, add that op. 97 a, ' Psalm 24,' has been published by Messrs. Novello & Co., in ' The Bach Choir Magazine.'

SPONTINI. P. 67 7 a, note i,for 'Vdnus n'avait pas tort ' read ' Au bruit des lourds mar- teaux.'

STAINER, JOHN, Mus. D. Add that in 1888 he was obliged to resign his post at St. Paul's owing to his failing sight. In the same year he received the honour of knighthood. Among his more important works should be added a sacred cantata, 'St. Mary Magdalen,' written for the Gloucester Festival of 1883, and an oratorio, 'The Crucifixion' (1887).


STANFORD, C. V. Line 10 of article, for was appointed read had been appointed two years previously. Add that he received the honorary degree of Mus. D. at Oxford in 1883; in 1885 he succeeded Mr. Goldschmidt as con- ductor of the Bach Choir, and in Dec. 1887 he was elected Professor of Music in the University of Cambridge, on the death of Sir G. A. Mac- farren. P. 689 &, bottom line,/or String Quartet read Quartet for PF. and Strings. To list of works add the following :


18. Three ' Cavalier Songs ' (Browning), for baritone and chorus.

19. Six Songs.

20. PF. Sonata. In Db (MS.).

21. Elegiac Ode (Walt Whitman), for soil and chorus. Norwich. 18M.

22. Oratorio. The Three Holy Children.' Birmingham Festival. 1885.

23. Incidental Music to the ' Eumenides.' Cambridge. 1885.

24. ' The Revenge ' (Tennyson), choral ballad. Leeds Festival. 1SS6.

25. Quintet for PF. and Strings, in D minor.

26. Carmen Saeculare (Tennyson), for soprano solo, and chorus.

Composed for Her Majesty's Jubilee, 18S7.

27. Psalm cl. for soprano and chorus. Opening of Manchester Exhi-

bition, 1887.

28. Irish ' Symphony In F minor. Elchter, 1887.

29. Incidental music to the ' Oedipus Tyrannus. ' Cambridge. 1887. 80. Songs (unpublished. 1888).

31. Symphony in F (Berlin, Jan. 14, and Crystal Palace. Feb. 23. l89).

32. Suite for violin and orchestra (Berlin, Jan. 14, 1889, and Phil-

harmonic. March 28).

33. Overture, ' Queen of the Seas ' (Armada Tercentenary).

Add that the opera ' Savonarola,' in three acts and a prologue, was produced at Hamburg, April 1 8, 1884, and at Co vent Garden, July 9 of the same year. On April 28 of that year, his 'Canterbury Pilgrims,' in three acts (words by Gilbert A'Beckett), was produced by the Carl Rosa company at Drury Lane. Other works without opus-numbers are a Festival Overture, Gloucester, 1877 ; Elegiac Symphony, in D minor, Cambridge, and Gloucester Festival, 1883; Con- certos for PF. and for violoncello, with orchestra. A collection of ' Fifty Irish Melodies ' (Boosey), with accompaniments, etc., edited by him, and a ' Song Book for Schools ' (National Society), may also be mentioned. (M.)

STARK, LUDWIO. Add date of death, March 22, 1884. Add that Dr. S. Lebert died in Dec. 1884.

STEIN. P. 708 J, line 12 from bottom of text, add dates of J. A. Streicher, 1761-1833. P. 709 a, 1. n, for 1795 read 1796. Line 25, for Jan. 16, 1835, read Jan. 10, 1833. For correction of the next sentence (lines 26, 27) see STREICHER in vol. iii. p. 739 I.

STEPHENS, JOHN, Mus.D. Line 2 from end of article for Dec. 15 read Dec. i.

STEVENS, R. J. S. Line 2 of article, for in read March 27.

STIEHL, H. Add that he died in May 1886.

STIGELLI, G. Add that he died at Monza, July 3, 1868.


STOCKHAUSEN, JULIUS. Add that his Method of Singing has lately been translated into English by Mme. Sophie Lowe (Novello & Co.).

STOKES, CHARLES. Line 8 from end of article, for now read then, and add date of death, April 14, 1839.

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