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I visit my father, and am restored to his good graces—Arrival in Paris—Welcomed by all my relatives—Unexpected appointment as deputy-captain—Ordered to Lorient—Paul Jones and Captain Landais—Counter orders—Re-embark on frigate Alliance to rejoin Washington's army—In the absence of Paul Jones, the command of the frigate is given to Landais—He becomes insane during the voyage—Removed from his command by order of the passengers—The campaign of 1781—Siege of York Town—The Capitulation of Comwallis—End of the American War on the Continent—I return to France on the Ariel, commanded by Chevalier de Capellis—We fight and capture the British vessel Dublin—We enter Corunna in triumph—Fetes, Balls, etc.—A religious difficulty—We narrowly escape figuring in an auto-da-fé—The Ariel weighs anchor—Arrival at Lorient.

Our first care was to conduct to the town jail the rascally British sailors we had had so much trouble to guard. Instructions were given that they should be taken back to America, at the first opportunity, and there judged according to the laws of the country.