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I. Wherein Elnora Goes to High School, and Learns Many Lessons not Found in Her Books 3
II. Wherein Wesley and Margaret Go Shopping, and Elnora's Wardrobe Is Replenished 27
III. Wherein Elnora Visits the Bird Woman, and Opens a Bank Account 40
IV. Wherein the Sintons Are Disappointed, and Mrs. Comstock Learns that She Can Laugh 54
V. Wherein Elnora Receives a Warning and Billy Appears on the Scene 84
VI. Wherein Mrs. Comstock Indulges In "Frills," and Billy Reappears 101
VII. Wherein Mrs. Comstock Manipulates Margaret, and Billy Acquires a Residence 124
VIII. Wherein the Limberlost Tempts Elnora, and Billy Buries His Father 158