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XVIII. Wherein Mrs. Comstock Experiments with Rejuvenation, and Elnora Teaches Natural History 347
XIX. Wherein Philip Ammon Gives a Ball in Honour of Edith Carr, and Hart Henderson Appears on the


XX. Wherein the Elder Ammon Offers Advice, and Edith Carr Experiences Regrets 377
XXI. Wherein Philip Ammon Returns to the Limberlost, and Elnora Studies the Situation 388
XXII. Wherein Philip Ammon Kneels to the Queen of Love, and Chicago Comes to the Limberlost 408
XXIII. Wherein Elnora Reaches a Decision, and Freckles and the Angel Appear 430
XXIV. Wherein Edith Carr Wages a Battle and Hart Henderson Stands Guard 445
XXV. Wherein Philip Finds Elnora, and Edith Carr Offers a Yellow Emperor 460