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of the twelve, the climate is moderate and the flowers bloom in wondrous profusion.

How to Reach the Park

The most direct route to Yellowstone Park from either Chicago, on the east, or Seattle, Tacoma and Portland, on the west, is the Northern Pacific Railroad, which reaches the Park at Gardiner, Mont. This station is near the northern border, being the end of a spur that leaves the main line of the railroad at Livingston, fifty-four miles to the northeast. It is only a stone's throw to the entrance of the Park from the station, and but five miles to the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel.

From St. Louis, Kansas City, and other middle-western and southern points, the Park is reached by way of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. This route brings the traveler to Cody, Wyo., from which there is a drive of sixty-three miles to the eastern entrance of the Park.

The Oregon Short Line reaches an entrance, Yellowstone, on the west, and provides a convenient means for travelers from Salt Lake City and points in the Southwest.