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hotels are operated in connection with the Yellowstone National Park Transportation Co., whose coaches start from the northern entrance at Gardiner; the Monida & Yellowstone Transportation Co., whose coaches start from the western entrance at Yellowstone; and the Holm Transportation Co., whose coaches start from Cody, Wyo.

The address of the hotel company is Yellowstone Park, Wyo., from June 15 to September 15, and Helena, Mont., thereafter. The authorized rates at the hotels are as follows:

Rates of the Yellowstone Park Hotel Co.

Board and lodging, regular accommodations, not exceeding, per day $5.00
Board and lodging, extra accommodations not covered by the regular rate, such sum in excess of $5 per day as may be agreed upon between the guests and the company.
Extra for room with bath, each person, per day 1.00
Meals or lodgings, part of a day, each 1.25
Meals served in rooms, extra, each .50

The Yellowstone Park Transportation Co. operates a transportation line from Gardiner,