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Carriages or surrey, capacity of 3 seats, at Mammoth, Canyon, Fountain, and Upper Basin:
    Per day $10.00
    First hour 4.00
    Each subsequent hour 2.00
Seats in conveyance for drive:
    Over formation at Fountain, each .50
    Over formation at Upper Geyser Basin .50
    To Inspiration Point at Canyon 1.00
    To Artists Point at Canyon 1.00
    Over formation at Mammoth Hot Springs 1.00
Guide, with saddle horse, per day 5.00
Packer, with saddle horse, per day 5.00
Cook, with saddle horse, per day 5.00
Pack horses, each, per day 1.50
Mount Washburn, round trip, from Grand Canyon 5.00


1 vehicle, seat 3, 2 horses and driver, per day. $15.00
1 vehicle, seat 5, 4 horses and driver, per day. 25.00
1 vehicle, seat 7, 4 horses and driver, per day. 30.00
For each additional passenger carried, regular fare charged.
Vehicle per diem rates one-half of above for all time over five days.
Driver boarded and horses stabled and fed by and at expense of transportation company.

The Yellowstone-Western Stage Co. operates a transportation line from Yellowstone, Mont., the western entrance, in connection