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This page needs to be proofread.

אתת (? √Of following, meaning dubious. LagM II. 254 proposes √ אנה, whence he derives also Ar. XXX a tool used in tillage).

†III. [אֵת]n.[m.] a cutting instrument of iron, usually transl. ploughshare — sg. Sf. אֵתוֹ 1S 13:20; pl. אֵתִים 1S 13:21, אִתִּים Is 2:4=Mi 4:3; sf. אִתֵּיכֶם Jo 4:10; acc. To Klo al. also 2K 6:5 אֶת־הַבַּרְזֶל i.e. the axe of iron.

ב, בּ, Beth, 2nd letter; post B Heb. – numeral 2 (and so in margin of printed MT); ב= 2000; no evidence of this usage in OT times. I. בְּ, prep. In (Moab. בּ, Syr. XXX, Ar. XXX, Eth. XXX) before tone-syllables in certain cases (Ges § 102.2) בָּ, with suff. בִּי; בְּךָ (Ex 7:29 2S 22:30 Ψ 141:8 בְּכֶה), in pause and fem. בֶּךְ; בּוֹ (once, Je 17 :24 Kt בֹּה),