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1868: Nomination, at Wakefield, Nov. 14th; the Declaration of the Poll, Nov. 26th:

Lord Milton - - - - 8,810

H. F. Beaumont 7.943

W. S. Stanhope - - - - 7,935

L. R. Starkey - 7,621

1872: Unopposed Return of Mr. Stanhope, July 8th; proposed

by Mr. Rowland Winn, M.P., seconded by Mr. L. R. Starkey.

1874: Declaration of Poll, February nth:

. W. S. Stanhope - 9,705

L. R. Starkey - 9i*»39

W. H. Leatham - 8,265

H. F. Beaumont - - - 8,146

1880: Declaration of the Poll, April 10th:

Hon. H. W. Fitzwilliam - - 11,385 W. H. Leatham - - - 11,181

VV. S. Stanhope - - - 10,391

L. R. Starkey .... 10,028

Mr. Stanhope is joint Lord of the Manor of Horsforth, Silkstone, Gawber, Thornton, and Skelmanthorpe, with estates situated in the Parishes of Cawthorne, Silkstone, Penistone, Clayton West, Scissett, Thurgoland, Hoylandswaine, Gawber, Barnsley, Denby, Cumberworth, Horsforth. Calverley, Denholme, &c.

He is returned in what has been called the "Domesday Book" of 1873 as possessing 1 1,357 acres with a rental of £1,070.

Mr. Stanhope is Patron of the Vicarages of Cawthorne, Horsforth, and Hoyland-Swaine. Towards the new church now being built at Horsforth, of which Mrs. Stanhope laid the Memorial Stone, he has been a very large contributor, besides giving the site, and the Church and Vicarage of Hoyland-Swaine were built almost entirely at the cost of the different members of the Stanhope family at Cannon Hall and Banks, Mr. and the late Mrs. Stanhope taking the most active part and interest in the work, as well as giving largely towards it. Mr. Stanhope's younger brother, John Roddam Spencer-Stanhope, Esq., late of Hillhouse, Cawthorne, now of Villa Nuti, Florence, has