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an ideal, answered this question by acclaiming Theodor Herzl as leader of the Jewish national movement.

And from the moment he was so acclaimed, the Jewish State had ceased to be a paper plan; indeed, the brochure had no circulation commensurate with its effect—but it had made a page of Jewish history. Between the printed word and its objective are eight remarkable years of history; the story of the reuniting of the elements of the Diaspora; the creation of a Jewish public opinion; the organization of unwieldy and widely separated masses, largely ignorant of the methods of modern political life; political negotiations, and finally political recognition by the Great Powers of the loyalty, utility and representative character of the movement—it is the story of another Exodus with Israel still in the wilderness.

Those who read the "Jewish State" on its first appearance, either rejected its teachings, or accepted them with the eye of hope. Those who will now read it for the first time will probably be guided by the answer that is given to the question, "What has been accomplished in the direction of a 'Jewish State' since this book—for which a niche in history is claimed—first appeared?" And it is because of that question that this preface has been written. A brief chronological table will supply the outline of the answer.

1896, April—Publication of English edition of "Jewish State."
1896, June—Dr. Herzl visits Constantinople; on return journey received at Sofia a deputation of Bulgarian Jews.
1896, July—Dr. Herzl addresses East London mass meeting.
1897, January—Founding of Zionist organ, "Die Welt."
1897, February—Proposal to call Congress in Munich; rabbis protest.
1897, March—Zionist Congress convened at Basle.
1897, August—First Zionist Congress held, at which the national platform was adopted:
"The aim of Zionism is to create for the Jewish people a publicly legally assured home in Palestine.
"In order to attain this the Congress adopts the following means:
(1) To promote the settlement in Palestine of Jewish agriculturists, handicraftsmen, industrialists and those following professions.
(2) The centralization of the entire Jewish people by means of general institutions, agreeably to the laws of the land.
(3) To strengthen Jewish sentiments and national self-consciousness.
(4) To obtain the sanction of governments to the carrying out of the objects of Zionism."
1898, August—Second Zionist Congress held, at which it was resolved to found Zionist bank.
1898, November—Dr. Herzl and Zionist deputation received by the German Emperor at Jerusalem.
1899, August—Third Zionist Congress held.
1900, August—Fourth Zionist Congress held in London, and stability of Jewish Colonial Trust as a banking concern assured.
1901, May—Dr. Herzl repeatedly received in audience by the Sultan of Turkey.
1901, December—Fifth Zionist Congress held; scheme of organization remodelled, and Jewish National Fund founded.
1902, January—Dr. Herzl again received in audience by Sultan of Turkey.