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the most part a movement among civilized nations by which they try to chase away the spectres of their own past.


When the idea of a State begins to approach realization, the Society of Jews will appoint a council of jurists to do the preparatory work of legislation. During the transition period these must act on the principle that every emigrant Jew is to be judged according to the laws of the country which he has left. But they must try to bring about a unification of these various laws to form a modern system of legislation based on the best portions of previous systems. This might become a typical codification, responsive to all the just social claims of the present day.


The Jewish State is conceived as a neutral one. It will therefore require only an army of volunteers, equipped, of course, with every requisite of modern warfare, to preserve order internally and externally.


We have no banner, and we need one. If we desire to lead men forward, we must raise an emblem above their heads.

I would suggest a white banner, bearing seven golden stars. The white field symbolizing our pure new life; the seven stars, the seven golden hours of our working-day. For we shall march into the Promised Land carrying the badge of labor.


The Jewish State must be properly founded, with due regard to our future honorable position in the world. Therefore every obligation in the old country must be scrupulously fulfilled before leaving. The Society of Jews and Jewish Company will grant cheap passage and certain advantages in settlement to those only who can present an official testimonial from their local authorities, certifying that they have left their affairs in good order.

Every just private claim originating in the abandoned countries will be heard more readily in the Jewish State than anywhere else. We shall not wait for reciprocity; we shall act purely for the sake of our own honor. We shall thus perhaps find, later on, that strange law courts will be more willing to hear our claims than now seems to be the case in some places.

It will be inferred, as a matter of course, from foregone remarks, that we shall deliver up Jewish criminals more readily than any other State would do, till the time comes when we can enforce our penal code on the same principles as every other civilized nation does. There will therefore be a period of transition, during which we shall receive our criminals only after they have suffered due penalties. But, having made amends, they will be received without any restrictions whatever, for our criminals also must enter upon a new life.

Thus emigration may become to many Jews a crisis with a happy issue. Bad external circumstances, which ruin many a character, will be removed, and this change may mean salvation to many who are lost.

  1. This badge had vogue at the first Congress. The blue and white, with the Shield of David, has been generally accepted, and was designed in 1880.