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“When you stop reading novels and begin to read history, Miss Sylvia, here is the most remarkable history of Kentucky that was ever written or ever will be. It is by my father’s old teacher of natural history in Transylvania University, Professor Rafinesque, who also had a wonderful botanical garden on this side of the town; perhaps the first ever seen in this country.”

“I know all about it,” replied Sylvia, resenting this slight upon her erudition. “Georgiana has my father’s copy, and his was presented to him by Mr. Audubon.”

“Audubon?” I said, with a doubt.

“Never heard of Audubon?” cried Sylvia, delighted to show up my ignorance.

“Only of the great Audubon, Miss Sylvia; the great, the very great Audubon.”

“Well, this was the great, the very great Audubon. He lived in Henderson, and kept a corn-mill. He and my father were friends,