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Papeete—Capital, Frontispiece
Trilithon, Tonga, 18
A Coral Cave, Vavau, 29
Opunuhu Bay, Moorea, 153
Le Diadème, 169
A Royal Reception, Hapiti, 229
Pao Pao, or Cook's Bay, 230
Ancient Marai, 324
Map, At the end


The "Wa Kalou,"—i.e., "Fern of God,"—introduced on the cover of this book, is a most delicate climbing fern which overtwines tall trees and shrubs in the Pacific Isles, forming a misty veil of indescribable loveliness. When in the state of fructification, each leaf is edged with a dotted fringe of brown seed. In the Fijian Isles its beauty has gained for it the name here given; and in olden days the ridge-poles of the temples were wreathed with it, as those of chiefs' houses are to this day. It also finds favour for personal adornment, trailing garlands of this exquisite green being singularly becoming to a clear brown skin.