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save only the medals, I leave to my dear wife, who deserves all and more than I can give. I thank her for her example of piety and religion. I love her for her love and gentleness, and I honour myself by confessing to my children our obligations to her for all her goodness as wife and mother and friend.

My children, too, they have been dutiful, obedient and affectionate, giving me calm and comfort, for which I humbly thank them. Very precious are they to their Father's heart.

They will comfort and cherish their mother when I am gone, as they have done to both when I was living.

In token of my gratitude and affection and in memory I leave to my daughter Betty, the Kosmos Medal of Humboldt, awarded to me at the instance of that illustrious philosopher, by the King of Prussia.

To my daughter Nannie I leave the " Great Prussian Gold Medal of Science."

To my son Richard, the Gold Medal which the King of Sweden and Norway caused to be struck in my honour.

To my son John, the Gold Medal which the King of Holland caused to be struck for me.

To my daughter Mary, the " Great Austrian Gold Medal of Science."

To my daughter Eliza, the Sardinian Gold Medal.

To my son Matthew, I bequeath the Gold Medal which the Senate of Bremen caused to be struck for me, and because he is to be a Latin scholar, I leave to him the set of thirteen Medals presented by His Holiness the Pope.

I leave to my daughter Lucy, the Gold Medal presented by the Emperor of the French and the diamond breast-pin presented by the Archduke Maximilian.

All these medals were presented in acknowledgment of the services rendered to commerce and navigation through the Wind and Current Charts and the researches connected therewith.

I leave to my grand-daughter, Nannie Bell, the Gold Medal of the French Exhibition.

I leave to my son-in-law, Wm. A. Maury, a copy of all my works and of the various editions of which there are duplicates.

To my son-in-law. Lieutenant S. W. Corbin, C. S. Navy, I leave the publications of the French Hydrographical Office,