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Fault, asking Pardon for his Offence, and promising Amendment for the future I would forgive him. This Method, regularly pursued, would soon break his Passion of Resentment, and subdue it to Reason. The next prudent Step to be taken, is to check his inordinate craving and desiring almost every Thing he sees; and this, I think, might be as easily effected as the other; for, in the first Place, I would lay down this as a Maxim with him, that he should never have any Thing he cried for; and therefore, if he was willing to obtain any Favour, he must come with some reasonable Request, and withdraw without the Appearance of any Uneasiness in Case of a Disappointment.

Some over-fond People will think these are harsh Precepts. What, say they, are Children never to be obliged? answer, Yes, I would have them