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that good Boys and Girls divert themselves with: And, while you behave so well, you shall never want Play, I assure you. But my dear Tommy, in order that you may be as good as possible, I have also sent you a Ball; the one Side of which is Red, the other Black, and with it ten Pins; and I must insist upon making this Bargain, that your Nurse may hang up the Ball by the String to it, and for every good Action you do, a Pin shall be stuck on the Red Side, and for every bad Action a Pin shall be stuck on the Black Side. And when by doing good and pretty Things you have got all the ten Pins on the Red Side, then I will send you a Penny, and so I will as often as all the Pins shall be fairly got on that Side. But if ever the Pins be all found on the Black Side of the Ball, then I will send a Rod, and you shall