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asked their Blessing, and in the Daytime did every Thing they bid you. She says, you are obedient to your Mistress, loving and kind to your Playfellows, and obliging to every Body; that you rise early in the Morning, keep yourself clean, and learn your Book; that when you have done a Fault you confess it, and are sorry for it. And though you are sometimes naughty, she says you are very honest and good-humoured; that you do not tell Lies, nor say indecent Words and are always thankful when any Body gives you good Advice; that you never quarrel, nor do wicked Things, as some other Girls do.

This Character, my Dear, has made every Body love you; and, while you continue so good, you may depend on my obliging you with every Thing I can. I have here sent you a Little Pret-