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It is religion that doth make vows kept,
But thou hast sworn against religion;
Therefore, thy latter vow against thy first
Is in thyself rebellion to thyself:
And better conquest never canst thou make
Than arm thy constant and thy nobler parts
Against these busy loose suggestions.
King John.

As Jane entered Mrs. Harvey's door she met her kind hostess just returning from a walk, her face flushed with recent pleasure. "Where upon earth have you been?" she exclaimed. "Ah! if you had gone with me, you would not have come home with such a wo-begone face. Not a word! Well—nothing for nothing is my rule, my dear; and so you need not expect to hear where I have been, and what superb papers have come from New-York, for the front rooms; and beautiful china, and chairs, and carpets, and a fine work-table, for an industrious little lady, that shall be nameless; all quite too grand for a sullen, silent, deaf and dumb school-mistress." She added, playfully, "if our cousin Elvira had been out in such a shower of gold, we should have been favoured