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A New Survey Chap.XD 

Saint, to own it j and that in cafe they will not feek who may take charge of him, and of his day, the Pri. willnot fufFerhim toftandidle in his Church, like the whom our Saviour in the Gofpel rebuked, Quid hie fia tota die otiofi ? for that they flood idle in the market all t! day (thefe very expreffions have I heard there from for Friers) and therefore that he muft banííh fuch a Saints j Cturcoutofthe Church, *nd muft deliver him up befo them into the Juftices hands to be kept by them in tl Town houfe,until fuch time as he may be bought and ov nedbyfome good Chriftian. The Indians when they he thefe expreffions, begin to fear, left fome judgment m< befall their Town for fuffering a Saint to be txcommun cated andcaft out of their Church, and therefore prefei unto the Prieft fome offering for his prayers unto tl Saint, that he may do them no harm, and defire him limit them a time to bring him an anfwer for the diipofin of that Saint (thinking it will prove a difparagement an affront unto their Town, if what once hath belonged í the Church, be now out, and delivered up to the, fecuk powerj and that in the mean time, they will find 01 fome good Chriftian, either of the neereft friends and kir dred to him or them who firft owned the Saint, or ell fome ftranger, who may buy that Saint of the Prieft. (1 he continue in the Church) or of the fecular power (it h be caft out of the Church and delivered, up unto then which they are .unwilling to yield to, having been faugh of judgments in fuch a cafe like to befall them) and ma by fome fpeedy feaft and fokmnity ' appeafe the Saints an ger towards them, for having been fo fltighted by th Town. Alas poor Indians* what will they not be brough unto by thofe Fryers and Priefts, who ftudy nothing mor then their own ends, and to enrich themfelves ircm th< Church and Altar / their policies (who are. the wife anc prudent children of this wor:d fpoken of in the Gofpel, c#neafily overtop and mailer the fimplicity of the pooi Indians who rather then they will bring an affront upor their Town^by fuffering any of their Saints to be calí oujoJ theji