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Chap. VI
A New Survey

Chap. VI. Of our difiovery of fome Ijlandt, and what troulU tefel us in one of them. T He Admiral of our Fleet wondrrng rnnch at our flow failing, who from the fecond of July to the 19 oi Augufl had feen nor difcovered any Land, fave only the Ifland; of Canaria; the fame day in themorning called to Cound all the Piletsof the Ships, to know their opinions concerning our preient being, and the nearneis of land. The Ship: therefoie drew near unto the Admiral one by one, that every Pilot might deliver his opinion. Here was caufe of Iaughtej enough for the. Pafleagers to hear the wife Pilots skíJ j Ore laying, we were three hundred Miles, another two hundred, another one hundred, another fifty, another more, another ids, all erring much from the truth (as afterward appeared) fave only one old Pilot of the fmalleft Vefftl of all, who affirmed refolutely, that with that fmall gale wherewkh we ííiL n, ^.^«U come to Gmdalnpt the next morning. Al the reft laughed at him, but he might well have laughed at them, for the next morning by Sun-rifing we plainly dis- covered an Iffand called Deferí* by the Spaniards, or the de- u cae f ° r that at the firft diic °very of the India's it was the : hrlt Land the Spaniards found, being then as defirousto hnd fome Land after many days failing as we were. After this Ifland presently we difcovered another called UHarhalante, then another called Dmimca, and laftly, another named biadautptivhich was that we aimed at to refreih our felves in, to waft our foul clothes, and co take in frefh water, whereof we Ifcod in great need. By two or three of the Clock in the afternoon we came toafafe Rode lying before the Ifland, «here we caft our Anchors, no ways fearful of the naked Barbarians of that and the other lilands, who with great joy do yearly expcft the Spanish fleets coming, and by the Moon*