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Hyatt,——, Esq., Estate of.—Mount Plenty, St. Ann’s.

Hyde,——, Esq.—Hyde Estate, Trelawney.

Hamilton, G. W., Esq.—Providence Estate, St. Thomas in the East; two views.—Windsor Castle Estate.

Hall, Jasper, Esq.—Hector’s River Estate.

Harvey and Kemys.—Plaintain Garden River; two views.

Hibbert, Thomas, Esq.—Hibbert’s House, Kingston.—Agualta Vale, Penn; three views.

Hibbert, Robert, Esq., Sen.— Great Valley, Hanover; three views.—Albion Estate, St. David’s.

Hibbert, Robert, Esq., Jun.—Georgia Estate, Hanover; three views.

Higson, Thomas, Esq.—Windsor Farm; two views.

Haughton, James, Esq.—Haughton Hall and Green Island; two views.

Innis, Capt. James.—Somerton Estate, St. James’s.

Johnson, G. R., Esq.—Springfield, looking westward.

Kingston, City of—From Windsor Farm.—From Port Henderson—Parade.—King Street; two views.—Harbour Street.—Duke Street (Hibbert’s House).—Cocoa-nut Tree Walk.

Lyton, David, Esq.—Barnstaple, Trelawney.

Lucea.—From the Point Estate (Mrs. Dehany’s), from Minden Hall, from Mr. Malcolm’s.

Luida’s Vale.—With the relative situations of Thetford, Worthy Park, Tydixton Park, and Swansea.

Montego Bay.—From the Long Hill.—Entrance from the East.

Mitchell, W., Esq.—Phoenix Park, St. Ann’s; three views.

Mandeville.—View from the Road.

Murray, Walter, Esq.—Dundee, Hanover; two views.

Murray, W., Esq.—Latium Estate, St. James’s.

Mount Diablo—Looking over St. Thomas’s on the East.

Needham, General.—Mount Olive—St. Thomas’s in the Vale—Natural Bridge, ditto.

Palmer, C. R., Esq.—Rose Hall, St. James’s; two views.

Palmer, C. N., Esq., and M. Dawson, Esq.—Prospect St. Mary’s; two views.

Phillips, N. Esq.—Pleasant Hill Estate; two views.

Port Antonio.—Four views.

Plaintain Garden River Valley.—General View, showing the relative situations of Winchester, Golden Grove, Ducketifield, Wheelerfield, Hordly, Amity Hall, Holland, Stoakes Hall, Suffolk Park Penn, Plaintain Garden River, Batchelor’s Hall Penn, and Port Morant.

Port Maria.—St. Mary’s.

Price, Sir Rose, Bart.—Worthy Park, Luida’s Vale; two views.—General View of Luida’s Vale.

Rio Nuevo Bay.

Rio Nuevo River.

Rickets, G. W., Esq.—New Canaan Estate, St. James’s.

Reid, G., Senior, Esq.—Friendship, Trelawney; two views.

Reid, G. Junior, Esq.—Bunker’s Hill Estate.

Reynolds, C., Esq.—Clermont, looking to Falmouth.

Roaring River Cascade, St. Ann’s.

Rio Bueno.

Ross, John, Esq.—Works from the Great House.

Spanish Town.—View of the King’s Square.—Iron Bridge ditto.—King’s House.—House of Assembly.—Rodney’s Temple.

Shirley, Esq.—Hyde Hall; four views—Etingdon.

Simpson, J., Esq.—Bounty Hall.—Trelawney.—Tileston.

Stirling, A., Esq.—Hampden, St. James’s.—Frontier, St. Mary’s.

Smith, F. G., Esq.—Goshen Penn, St. Elizabeth’s; two views.—Long Hill; two views.

Swaby, J., Esq.—St Elizabeth, from Pleasant Prospect.

Steel, J , Esq.—Spring Bank, looking to Port Antonio.—Ditto to Golden Vale.—Golden Vale.

St. Ann’s Bay.—General View, including from Columbus’ Cave to Seville Point.

St. Andrew’s.—View Mount Zion Coffee Plantation.

St. Elizabeth.—Two Views from Longwood.—View from Mr. Swaby’s, shewing the relative situations of Two-mile Wood, the Bogue, Pepper Penn, Goshen ditto, Lacovia, New River Penn, Lancaster, Elim, Robinson’s Fort, and Nassau Mountains.

Shand, Hon. William.—Hopewell Penn, St. Ann’s.

Shand, John, Esq.—Kellit’s Estate, Clarendon.—Belmont Estate, St. John’s.

Tharp, John, Esq.—Good- Hope Estate.—Pantrepant.—Potosi.—Covy.—Lansquinet.—Top-Hill Penn.—Windsor Penn.

Tharp, J., Esq.—Dean’s Valley Water-works, St. Elizabeth’s.

Taylor, G. W., Esq., M.P.—Lyssons, St. Thomas in the East Holland Estate; three views—Haughton Court, Hanover.—Situation of the same above Lucca.—Llanrumny, St. Mary’s.

Tharp, F., Esq.—Three Hills, St. Mary’s.

Vaughan, Hon. J.—Westmoreland, from Caledonia.

Up Park Camp.

Wedderburn,——, Esq.—Spring Garden Estate; three views.

Wynn, Lascelles, Esq.—Marly Castle, St. James.—Adelphi Works, ditto.

White River.—View of the Bridge near Davis.

Wordy, Miss—Schullembourg, St. Ann’s.

Waterfall.—On the Windward Road.

Westmoreland, from Caledonia.—General View shewing the relative situations of Bath Estate, Amity, Great House, Carawina Estate, Anglesea, and Sweet River Penns, Paradise Estate, Savannah le Mar, Dean’s Valley Dry Works, Fort William Estate, Roaring River Estate, Friendship Estate, Shrewsbury Estate, Mesopotamia, Petersfield, Cornwall, Frome, and Hertford Penn.