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anchorage to the eastward, off Port Antonio. Mr. Grosett is also proprietor of Petersfield estate, in St. Thomas’s in the East, and of various premises and lands at Morant Bay, and of the principal public wharf there, at which an iron railway has been laid down for the convenience of transporting goods, &c. He is also proprietor of Chepstow Coffee plantation and pen, and of two or three other minor properties.

On the morning of the 12th of January 1821, when the author was residing at Spring Garden, the mill yard was suddenly filled with sailors. They were the crew of the ship Birch, Captain McIntosh, burthen 454 tons, which was entirely wrecked on the morning of the 9th, abreast of Fair Prospect estate, in Manchioneal, about four miles to the eastward of the N.E. point. Providentially no lives were lost. Immediate assistance and accommodation was afforded by Mr. Gillchrist, the overseer of Fair Prospect. The passengers were afterwards removed to Castle Comfort (no bad name for the place at any time, but particularly at the present moment), where they were hospitably entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Orr. The crew, consisting of twenty-five men, proceeded for their original destination, and halted at Spring Garden for breakfast, which was speedily and largely provided for them. In this way, without expense, and meeting at every halt with the most active sympathy, they reached Montego Bay, a distance of about 150 miles.