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Stratigraphic range.—Lower Carboniferous; Upper Devonian (?).

The following species are recognized:

Hibbertopterus ? hibernicus (Baily), 1872 Devonian Ireland
Hibbertopterus ? minutisculptus (Peach), 1907 Lower Carboniferous Scotland
Hibbertopterus ? potens (Hall), 1884 Pennsylvanian Pennsylvania
Hibbertopterus ? salmi (Stur), 1877 Lower Carboniferous Czechoslovakia
Hibbertopterus scouleri (Hibbert), 1836 Lower Carboniferous Scotland
Hibbertopterus ? sewardi (Strand), 1926 Carboniferous South Africa
Hibbertopterus ? stevensoni (Etheridge, Jr.), 1876 Lower Carboniferous Scotland

Genus Campylocephalus Eichwald, 1860

Diagnosis.—Hibbertopteridae with subelliptical prosoma, narrow at base and broadest at midsection; compound eyes reniform, without annular cuticular thickening, located in posterior half of prosoma.

Type species.—Limulus oculatus Kutorga, 1838.

Distribution.—Urals, U.S.S.R.

Stratigraphic range.—Upper Carboniferous-Permian.

Recognized species for this genus:

Campylocephalus oculatus (Kutorga) Permian (?) U.S.S.R.


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