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presence of Christ in us, this approach to God in one body in Christ, which God acknowledges, and which makes our worship acceptable and prevailing. But this presence must surely be found in us, in proportion as our hearts are prepared to contain it, are severally temples in which He is welcomed with devotion and humility. And so, brethren, it comes to this, that our Services are really beautiful and glorious, acceptable to God, strengthening and kindling to ourselves among ourselves, in proportion as we each do our part in them. Of the inward fitness for this, I will not speak now. As we part to-morrow from this little simple House of God in which we have worshipped, and some of us so often, there is not one of us who thinks seriously at all, but will have some thought of sorrow that he has not made more use of its Services and borne his part in them more devoutly, some wish to do better in the new and greater one. It is to meet such thoughts that I have arranged to celebrate the Holy Communion once more to-morrow here, at which we may best offer to God such acknowledgments of neglect, such resolutions and aspirations for the future.

But, turning from the inward to the outward, what I would ask you to-day, brethren, is, that we should go into the new Chapel prepared all to throw ourselves into making the Services as worthy of it, as hearty full and perfect, as they can be. We are called upon for an effort. I